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TSL Products’ MPA 1-MIX-NET

MPA1-MIX-NET is a 1RU audio confidence monitor and mixer with 16 instantly recallable independent mixes. Designed to ease the transition towards IP media transport, the unit is ideal for ST 2110 trucks and installations. A 1G AoIP connection provides 64 channels of input, with a further 64 available via an optional MADI SFP. Support for in-band NMOS is built-in for integration with TSL control and third-party systems.

The design features a V-shaped layout for accurate fingertip navigation in low-light environments. SNMP integration allows for convenient remote configuration changes.

X-Connect IP Routing Control System

Infrastructure is trending towards an all-IP environment, where standards-based IP media transport is the default for broadcast production. A virtualised environment where media is routed over IP and controlled remotely.

With X-Connect IP routing control system, broadcasters can embrace the latest technology with a virtual router built on TSL’s proven processing platform and exposed by industry-standard protocols. Perfect for incremental upgrades, X-Connect uses vendor-agnostic NMOS, making it compatible across a wide range of existing devices – controllable by TSL’s own Virtual Panels, for a totally-customisable installation. Configure individual devices or entire control rooms dynamically – and responsively – thanks to TSL’s Anything-to-Anything philosophy.

Insite infrastructure management

For maximum efficiency, you need real-time management data. Insite is a standards-based monitoring, reporting and alarm notification system that runs in a browser. Its configurable and virtualised infrastructure management system can monitor an entire facility. It is non-vendor-specific to avoid vendor lock-in.

Insite discovers and connects to IP devices and, over SNMP or Modbus, harvests and displays control and alarm status. Alarms and notifications are delivered via email or SMS. A central database logs all required information for future reporting and trend analysis.

Insite is compatible with our latest generation of intelligent power distribution units.

TM1 Tally

TM1-Tally is a low-cost, advanced control solution from the award-winning TSL TallyMan product family. It serves as the central control system for fast-paced media workflows eliminating the chaos of managing multiple hubs and spoke systems required to produce and distribute sports, news, concerts, house of worship, and other live broadcast events. TM1-Tally ensures the correct tally functions are managed no matter how many switchers or routers are in the signal chain. It supports industry-standard broadcast solutions and protocols, and can connect to a range of switchers, routers and multi-viewers, utilising the built-in GPIO. The TM1-Tally can also connect up to 64 cameras. With an option to upgrade larger systems and control panel expansion, TM1-Tally offers the flexibility you need, saving time and money while improving productivity.

Highlights of the TM1-Tally include:

  • A full-fledged tally system that is vendor agnostic for basic to medium tally systems.
  • Expandable from six devices to 12, the TM1-Tally accommodates more devices as requirements change.
  • Route tally and media as well as perform other control functions such as protocol translation, device control, and system macros.
  • Control challenges in smaller systems or fly-packs can be addressed and easily reconfigured as production demands change.
  • Compatible with TSL hardware and virtual control panels.

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