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Witbe Automates Testing for Streaming Video

With the ever-growing popularity of streaming video, content providers and distributors are under increasing pressure to meet viewers’ expectations for flawless video quality across any device and network. However, when relying on manual testing and monitoring, it is nearly impossible for service providers to deliver a superior quality of experience (QoE) across every screen. Instead, they must utilize reliable automated testing. To meet this need, Witbe will be showcasing its entire product line-up and latest technology updates in booth 6G1-03 at BroadcastAsia 2023, which assist video service providers with everything from remote access and QA automation to proactive monitoring and outage alerts.

QA test automation levels up

With Witbe’s AI algorithms for streamlined scripting, service providers can dramatically increase productivity by programming and maintaining test scenarios up to 10 times faster. The company’s “Smart Navigate” algorithm makes navigating set-top boxes (STB) and app menus as easy as dragging and dropping one block. Its updated “Smart Search” algorithm simplifies text input, streamlining the process of looking for a specific asset or signing in with a complex password. Furthermore, all test scenarios automatically generate comprehensive and aggregated reports in Smartgate for video service monitoring and QA teams.

FAST channel monitoring

Witbe’s technology can report on any ad-supported video content. Dedicated algorithms detect slates and enhance service providers’ data on channel and ad presence in ready-to-use Smartgate reports.

Remote device access

With Witbe’s Remote Eye Controller (REC), service providers can check their video service quality in real time by accessing the feeds of multiple physical testing devices located anywhere in the world. With REC’s new mosaic view, they can see up to 16 devices simultaneously.

The Witbox family

The entire Witbox line-up will be on display at BroadcastAsia 2023, including:

  • WitboxOne, which can test STBs, OTT devices, and gaming consoles.
  • Witbox+, which can test four 4K devices simultaneously, including mobile devices and smart TVs.
  • WitboxNet, which features advanced web and gateway testing capabilities.

Witbe Cloud

Witbe Cloud Devices offers dedicated and secure remote access to physical testing devices, wherever they are deployed. Allowing service providers to access the power of Witbe’s technology without needing to plug in another product or find additional shelf space, Witbe Cloud Devices is the perfect plan for remote teams looking to get a quick start on automated testing.

Witbe in APAC

While Witbe has had a presence in APAC since 2006, this year’s BroadcastAsia is particularly exciting for the company, as it marks the first show in the region since Witbe opened its new permanent Asia headquarters in Singapore. The company has also opened a Witbe Cloud network point of presence in APAC to deliver cloud services at the highest quality possible and work more closely with video service providers in the region.


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