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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Aladdin Panels New Mosaic Lights

The new Aladdin MOSAIC-LITES are the result of years of customer feedback, engineering and perfecting a flexibel LED panel. The results are the probably most perfect LED panels in the industry, available in three sizes. Say hello to the MOSAIC 2X4, 4X4 and 3X6 with RGB from Aladdin Lights.

The MOSAIC-LITES offer new panel sizes you have never seen before from Aladdin Lights. Finally Aladdin can happily introduce the long awaited 4X4 (600W) size to you, next to the also new 2X4 (350W) and 3×6 (600W) sizes. Those panels will give you a new advantage on set without any compromise on light quality, weight and flexibility, which you are already used to from Aladdin Lights.

These lights are made for high-end film and photography productions. All MOSAIC-LITES are RGB panels, have a CRI and TLCI over 95 and offer bluetooth connection to adjust them with the free Aladdin app right from your phone.

The MOSAIC plug connection allows you to use gear like the MOSAIC Wired Dimmer (M-WDIM). The dimmer with display offers you physical dialling, a DMX port and built-in Lumenradio. For each MOSAIC size there is a fitting frame with softbox and grid, like you already know from the FABRIC-LITE. More additional accessories for the MOSAIC-LITES are expected for later this year.

For the MOSAIC-LITES Aladdin is introducing the fast changeable LED compounds. They allow to replace small LED parts on your panel, without replacing the whole panel. You can either let it get fixed by one of our certified dealers or if you need a faster replacement and have the technical skill to do so, you can do it by yourself. Aladdin will be providing a step by step tutorial video on how to change the LED compounds at home.

Aladdin has also introduced the new Aladdin ALL-IN LINE panel. This is a 1X3 panel with 165W RGB / Bi-Colour. The ALL-IN LINE is a hybrid between the new MOSAIC and the existing ALL-IN lights. It has the new fast changeable LED compounds built in but also shares the accessories of the ALL-IN lights.


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