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Friday, May 31, 2024

ARRI Issues 10-Second Rule for Removing Drives from ALEXA Mini LF

ARRI has announced that, as part of its regular camera testing, it has discovered a potential issue that can occur when removing the Codex Compact Drive too quickly from the ALEXA Mini LF camera after a recording stop. While the company says this would not lead to any data loss – even if the recording stopped unexpectedly, the take recorded up to this point will be safely stored on the drive – it would disrupt production and cost time.

Therefore, ARRI is working on a Software Update Package (SUP) to address this issue and is projecting the release in Q4 2020. Until then you can avoid this issue by following the 10 second rule detailed below. This pertains to the ALEXA Mini LF running the current Mini LF SUP 6.0.21.

The 10 Second Rule for Removing Compact Drives

  • After pushing the REC button to stop recording, wait for 10 seconds before removing the Compact Drive. This should eliminate most error messages #97 and #175.

Resetting Errors Messages #97, #100, #175 or #200

If you encounter the following error messages:

  • Recording stopped due to FPGA failure (error #97)
  • Recording stopped due to FPGA failure (error #175)
  • Connection to recording media is not working properly, please try re-inserting (error #100)
  • Camera has restarted due to a technical problem (error #200)

Reboot the camera with the drive inside. This will clear up the issue in most cases. If you permanently encounter these error messages, please contact ARRI Service.

ARRI sasys to make sure that all cameras on set are running the same and the latest version of the camera’s Software Update Package (SUP). The lastest ALEXA Mini LF SUP is 6.0.21.

If a Compact Drive is not recognised or only recognised after a very long time, this can be fixed by having ARRI or Codex service update the Compact Drive with new software. For more information, click here.


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