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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Announces Distribution Agreement as Part of Firm’s Worldwide Expansion

multiCAM Systems, manufacturer of live video production solutions, has appointed Okno-TV North West as its exclusive dealer in Russia, effective immediately.

Covering the entire nation, Okno-TV is Russia’s largest distributor and systems integrator. The company, which has built a strong reputation across the broadcast and peripheral markets, will manage distribution, installation, training and after-sales support for the entire multiCAM product range in the country.

“This partnership with Okno-TV is a logical way to increase multiCAM’s brand visibility and product availability across Russia,” said Anton Kuznetsov, European Sales Representative for multiCAM. “Thanks to our collaboration, we’ll be able to supply scalable packages and provide access to a fast and experienced technical team for training and support.”

Targeting the broadcast, conference, education, medical and education sectors, Okno-TV is strategically positioned to offer packages based on specific market and regional needs.

“Many of our clients and dealers are looking for flexible and efficient solutions in the field of live production in different domains,” said Eugene Altshul of Okno-TV. “multiCAM’s products offer simplicity yet advanced functionality at a mid-price range and this is what our customers are looking for.”

multiCAM’s video production systems are tailor-made and feature AI-based video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technology for recording and live streaming. The company also offers leading-edge solutions in robotics and AR as well as integrated systems that deliver cost-effective capabilities.

“multiCAM’s innovative solutions fit the today’s needs, while they are also poised to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” added Altshul “And the fact that we know we can confidently move into the future with these products offers us peace of mind when planning forthcoming strategies for our clients.”


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