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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Anton/Bauer’s Salt-E Dog Sustainable Power Source

Anton/Bauer has launched Salt-E Dog, a sodium-based 9kWh mobile power source specifically designed for motion picture and television production. This power source delivers consistent and reliable energy and addresses the carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel or lithium generators. The company says it marks a significant milestone in sustainable power for the media and entertainment industry, positioning Anton/Bauer as a leading provider of clean energy solutions.

The Salt-E Dog is designed to cater to location shoots and productions that demand emission-free and noiseless power. By utilising sodium-based power, the battery creates a healthier and more pleasant environment for both production crews and talent. In contrast to gas generators, the Salt-E Dog emits no harmful CO2 or NOx, resulting in cleaner air and a safer production experience. Its near-silent operation and compact design enable closer placement to power demands, eliminating hazardous cables and reducing ADR work. The Salt-E Dog also offsets greenhouse gas emissions, allowing productions to offset 2.6 kg of CO2 and associated NOx per litre of fuel saved, contributing to a greener future.

“With the increasing focus on the environment and sustainability, the motion picture and television production industry has a responsibility to embrace eco-friendly practices,” says Andrew Hutton, Product Manager at Anton/Bauer. “Until now, productions have relied on gas generators, designed for heavy industries with less sensitive equipment, or lithium-based power supplies. We are using a more sustainable and readily available option: sodium. Compared to lithium, sodium cells offer a safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting power solution. This makes Salt-E Dog the smart and sustainable choice for powering cine equipment.”

The sodium cell is not only 100% recyclable, but it also has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating compared to lithium-ion batteries, making it the most environmentally friendly choice in the market. By using sodium cells, productions can safely place the unit near lighting, catering, craft and even on-screen talent without the risk of thermal runaway or fire. This reduces the need for fire marshals and water trucks on set and lowers insurance premiums.

The Salt-E Dog offers a variety of power output options. AC power is provided through four 20A 120V outlets or a 50A 125V Stage Pin connector. DC power comes through four 16A 28V XLR3, four 16A 48V, as well as two 5~20V, 100W USB-C ports. With these capabilities, the Salt-E Dog can provide up to 6000W of pure sine wave power, allowing extended off-grid usage to power production equipment for hours. Users can recharge the unit from AC outlets, solar PV, and CCS Level 2 (J1772) electric vehicle charge points.

Anton/Bauer’s history of pioneering innovations in the industry continues with the introduction of the Salt-E Dog, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in sustainable power solutions. By adopting sodium battery technology, Anton/Bauer continues to drive the industry forward in reducing carbon emissions and offering a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

“The motion picture and television industry plays a crucial role in inspiring audiences and driving change. The Salt-E Dog is the first of a new breed of sustainable Anton/Bauer products that provide consistent, reliable power with no noise or pollution, helping productions meet sustainability goals without compromising quality,” says Nicola Dal Toso, Divisional CEO of Videndum Production Solutions.

The Salt-E Dog offers unparalleled features and benefits for production sets, including a 9kWh sodium battery for consistent and reliable power, a 7-inch colour touchscreen display for real-time monitoring, an IP55 weatherproof rating for durability in all conditions and multiple AC and DC outputs including XLR3, USB and Stage Pin for versatile power distribution. AC grid power, PowerCon True1, solar PV, and CCS Level 2 (J1772) electric vehicle charger inputs provide convenient recharging options.

The Salt-E Dog stands as an emblem of Anton/Bauer’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, shaping the future of the entertainment industry with clean, reliable, and eco-friendly power solutions.


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