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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ARET Launch Flag-based Corner Cam

ARET will be using IBC (Booth O.A05) to demonstrate its new Corner Cam, an integrated corner flag and camera for deployment in football (soccer) matches. The camera, a collaboration between ARET and sports equipment manufacturers LISKI, will integrate Dream Chip’s AtomOne mini AIR, a miniaturised camera with established pedigree in the sports market.

ARET’s aim was to develop a robust camera which could immerse audiences in the action, providing an unusual vantage point from which to view the action, whilst also providing referees with an additional technical perspective to aid decision making. They achieved this by combining LISKI’s robust, flexible and UEFA/FIFA-certified poles with a micro AtomOne mini AIR camera.

The AtomOne mini AIR camera, which has seen previous deployment in a range of sports environments, is based on Sony’s IMX174 image sensor, and thus provides exceptional HD, SDR/HDR images with an Ultra Wide Angle, facilitating an extensive view both up and across the pitch. Built in Color Control performs a full range of colour correction operation and provides pristine broadcast images to viewers, delivered to the studio by dual link 3G-SDI. Moreover, weighing only 25 grams with a diameter no bigger than that of a Euro coin and a robust outer casing, the AtomOne mini AIR – protected further by the LISKI pole outer-housing – accommodates the shocks, knocks and bumps that are inevitable in a high-paced sports setting.

The priority for ARET when selecting equipment for the integration was the ability to deliver a reliable and safe solution which did not interfere with player performance, but was able to deliver exceptional broadcast images to audiences. The integration of a camera with slow motion ability was crucial, since this allows officials to make use of VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee) technology, covering a 144° angle.

But importantly, is also grants audiences the ability to appreciate the technical performance of the footballers – particularly through the addition of AR (augmented reality) overlays, in general granting broadcasters a more creative ability to communicate the pace and excitement of the game, and immersing audiences in the emotion of the moment through an ‘on-the-pitch’ perspective. Moreover, in relation to advertising revenue, this new angle also provides new product advertising and branding opportunities, with an increased focus on both ball and shoes.

An additional collaboration has delivered the integration of Corner Cam with CyanView’s CI0 camera IP interface to enable remote camera shading for broadcast productions. The use of one or multiple CyanView’s universal RCP controllers allows vision engineers to achieve the best image quality and operational efficiency.

CyanView designs and manufactures a universal camera control system consisting of an RCP control panel and small hardware modules to interface cameras, lenses, pan/tilt heads and color correctors or 3D LUT boxes. The solution improves and simplifies production workflows for the use of specialty cameras on high-end broadcast events. By leveraging IP technologies, CyanView addresses many of the limitations when it comes to camera shading of non-standard cameras such as mini-cameras.

Speaking of the development of the Corner Cam, Carlo Cominassi, Sales Manager at ARET said: “With over 40 years of experience, we have developed strong relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry, many of whom are achieving some remarkable technological innovations. We’re able to combine this with our strongly developed insight into the evolving needs of broadcasters to develop products like the Corner Cam; products which combine creativity and innovation in an affordable manner in order to push the boundaries of audience experience, allowing them new perspectives and immersive viewing.”


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