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AtomOS 10.61 for Ninja V includes Time-lapse, HDMISDI Cross Conversion for SDI

Existing and new Ninja V users can now benefit from new features with the AtomOS firmware 10.61 upgrade. This update allows users to record time-lapse and with the addition of the AtomX SDI module cross convert between HDMI/SDI video sources. Atomos are also offering users the ability to purchase an additional activation key for RAW via SDI and HDMI RAW inputs to SDI video output directly from the Atomos website.

Information around the updates and improvements:


Users can record a time-lapse sequence where all frames are captured into a single video file. These recordings are possible in ProRes, Dnx, and ProRes Raw over HDMI and SDI.

Ability to capture a customisable set of sequences by changing:

  • The number of frames/seconds captured
  • Captured every frames/seconds/minutes/hours
  • For the duration specified in frames/seconds/minutes/hours

Improved signal locking for HDMI and SDI inputs

The introduced compatibility mode for both HDMI and SDI inputs improves signal locking from specific cameras. These cameras include Z Cam cameras and the Canon EOS – 1DX MIII on 4Kp50 and 60p video. Users will also benefit from Increased stability of input and output locking for 12G SDI. 

Leica SL2S L-log monitoring

The Ninja V with AtomOS 10.61 will now be capable of monitoring Leica L-log gamma in BT2020 gamut from the Leica SL2S. Updates for other models will be available in future firmware releases.

Enhanced features for AtomX SDI Module

Cross convert your HDMI/SDI video source

HDMI or SDI connections can now be cross converted, DCI cropped, and 4k to HD down converts for video signals. These, in turn, provide a bridge between equipment such as EVFs, wireless TX/RX without the need for additional convertors.

With a combination of the Ninja V and AtomX SDI module, users will be able to add an additional Activation key to unlock RAW functionality for the SDI module. This requires the purchase of an additional activation via the Atomos website.

Apple ProRes RAW recording over SDI with the AtomX SDI module

To fully enable ProRes RAW over SDI recording from your Ninja V, you must own an AtomX SDI module. RAW over SDI activation is now available from the Atomos website to be purchased at $99. The supported SDI cameras are:


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