Friday, April 19, 2024

Atomos Launches New AtomX Cast Desktop App

Atomos has announced the release of the AtomX CAST desktop app. When combined with the latest firmware, AtomOS 10.93.00 for Ninja V and Ninja V+, it provides a new control panel for the company’s Ninja Cast.

Available for Mac or PC, the app gives users more screen real estate to work with and unlocks more functionality such as AI-assisted, automatic colour matching. By aligning camera inputs using one input as a reference, this feature quickly and accurately fixes the problem of differently colour balanced camera feeds.

When a Ninja V/V+ is combined with AtomX Cast, it becomes the Ninja Cast, a stand-alone switcher, multiview monitor and broadcast quality recorder. All Ninja Cast’s functions are replicated in the app, and all settings and changes in the app are applied to Ninja Cast instantly.


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