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Monday, July 15, 2024

Atomos Shinobi 5-inch 1920×1080 HDMI monitor

Atomos Shinobi is a high brightness 1000nit 5-inch HDMI monitor suitable for vloggers, creatives and photographers. When shooting video on mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, the Shinobi is small and light enough to take anywhere – weighing in at 200g. Shinobi shares the same HDR 1920×1080 display and colour processing found in the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder. With a professional 1000nit brightness screen it can be seen clearly, even in daylight.  It has a pixel density of 427 PPI (pixels per inch) and is factory calibrated for colour accuracy. 

The polycarbonate body is lightweight and durable. It has ¼” – 20 mount points on the top and bottom to allow flexible mounting. A headphone jack on the side allows users to monitor audio from most cameras even those without a built-in jack. Clear on-screen audio level meters give users confidence that their audio is set correctly.

Shinobi can run for up to six hours on a single Sony NP-F750 type battery. A clear on-screen battery gauge shows the status of the battery and when it is running low. The central position of the battery mount on the rear of the Shinobi ensures good balance when mounted to mirrorless cameras.

The Shinobi has the latest monitoring features of AtomOS 10, allowing users to quickly and easily check and adjust image settings. In moments, they can magnify the image or engage peaking to check focus, pull up false colour, a histogram, zebras or waveform to gauge exposure, or add guides or markers to aid composition. The interface has clear, yet unobtrusive icons which allow the image to be the focus of attention – and with a simple swipe all the menus go away for a totally clear view. These features allow the user to really concentrate on their shot and its framing. Vloggers will especially value the flip-screen function which mirrors the image when they are filming themselves.

For broad compatibility the Shinobi’s HDMI port can accept signals up to 4K (4096×2160) at 30fps, or HD video up to 60fps. The screen can also perfectly display 10+ stops of dynamic range when being used with Log or HLG HDR outputs. Atomos’ advanced colour science gives a complete range of in-built gamma pre-sets to match popular cameras when shooting Log or HLG.

Creative users who want to see their Log or flat images with a creative look applied can easily load LUTs directly into the Shinobi’s built-in memory. Simply place a compatible LUT onto a SD card and pop it into the Shinobi, then load it into one of Shinobi’s eight internal pre-set LUT memories. Once done any of the eight LUTs can be recalled immediately for speedy comparison. In addition, countless more LUTs can be kept on the SD card and loaded in when needed. The same SD card slot can also be used to install any future firmware updates.

For more advanced uses the Shinobi features a new multi-tool Analysis view that simultaneously shows the image, plus waveform, histogram, vectorscope and audio-level meters. In addition, there are multiple options inside each of these tools. This give the operator a complete picture of what is going on in the image at any time.

Although the Shinobi is designed primarily for smaller cameras, its features mean that users of larger cine cameras, traditional camcorders or other Atomos monitor/recorders may also find it an excellent additional monitor for their needs. It also enables operators on multi-camera shoots to have the same high quality HDR monitoring on additional cameras.

If shooting Log or HLG HDR the Shinobi features the Atomos HDR engine that allows the operator to see more dynamic range on screen at once. Users simply engage a dedicated pre-set for their camera and around 10 stops of dynamic range are shown, giving an accurate representation of the image in HDR while shooting. It can also be used to give a much better indication of what the image can look like after post production. You can also connect the Shinobi to your Mac or PC for use as an extra monitor while editing – even in the field.

A major benefit of Shinobi is that it can be properly colour-calibrated using free Atomos software and the X-rite i1Display Pro probe. All monitors’ colours drift over time and routine calibration ensures that the colours remain as accurate as when they originally left the factory. 


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