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Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic Camera 7.7 Update

Blackmagic Design recently announced Blackmagic Camera 7.7 update which further enhances sensor performance for Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K. This update refines the sensor’s unique technology with fine adjustments to the demosaic algorithm, leading to a more neutral colour balance and enhanced sharpness of shadow details for better overall image quality.

Blackmagic Camera 7.7 update is now available as a free download from the Blackmagic Design website.

Blackmagic Camera 7.7 update for URSA Mini Pro 12K optimises the 12K sensor by further improving the clarity of fine detail in shadow regions. It also provides a more neutral color balance with a more accurate starting point for better skin tones, while still retaining the natural soft highlight rolloff of film which customers enjoy from URSA Mini Pro 12K. In addition, the incidence of moire has been reduced when capturing ultra high resolution scenes with very high frequency fabrics or architectural textures.

“The images have that creamy but detailed film look that is so pleasant and also reach well into the highlights and shadows. There are no artifacts which is really important for my work,” said Christian Sebaldt, ASC, in testing a beta of the update. “And skin tones always look natural and, to me, these are features of a $40,000 camera.”

Cinematographer Vance Burberry extensively beta tested the new update on live productions. “After shooting three projects with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, the new update makes the image cleaner in the shadows,” said Burberry. “Usually, I’d never try to pull up the shadows, but when I did, there was less noise and at normal exposure, the shadows stayed very clean. There is something special about the URSA Mini Pro 12K’s sensor. It has this incredible resolution but at the same time, has a delicateness to it that really reminds me of film.”

Blackmagic Camera 7.7 Update Features

  • Improved color balance.
  • Improved demosaic for better shadow detail MTF.
  • Improved demosaic to reduce moire effects on fine patterns.
  • USB-C connection improvements.
  • Improved compatibility with ExAscend U.2 disks on URSA Mini Recorder.


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