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BST Devices Brings Cutting Edge Camera Robotics to IBC2023

BST Devices, a Swedish company specialising in advanced camera robotics, is exhibiting at IBC2023 (stand 7.A02) for the first time with its sister company, nxtedition. The camACE pan and tilt head, which achieves a high resolution and repeatability of 0.8 arc-seconds with zero backlash, making for precise on-air moves, will be demonstrated at IBC2023. Its direct drive servo design, only one moving part per axis and high damping, makes for virtually silent operation and very high reliability: suitable for critical operations like news studios.

The camACE remote head can be paired with the Altitude lifting column and the silentTrack floor or ceiling rail system, enabling designers to utilise robotic cameras with complete freedom of movement for very quick and precise positioning. The system also supports payloads of up to 45kg, allowing for full studio cameras (complete with prompters) to be used.

Camera movement is controlled from modular panels which provide intuitive access for programming and live operation. BST Devices says safety is inherent in the control system, ensuring the protection of equipment, operators and the surrounding environment – meeting all widely recognised safety standards for studio robotics.

“Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of camera robotics,” said Peter Elmqvist, CEO at BST Devices. “IBC is a great opportunity to show our platform in action, delivering silent, fast, accurate and repeatable movements, ultimately empowering operators to capture stunning visuals and enhance storytelling.”

Visit https://www.bstdevices.com.

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