Thursday, May 23, 2024

Canon Announces New Flagship Field Zoom Lens for 4K Broadcast Cameras

The UHD-DIGISUPER 122AF is its new flagship field zoom lens with AF for 2/3-inch sensor 4K broadcast cameras, featuring the world’s widest angle, longest focal length and largest zoom. With its built-in AF, the new lens enables capture of immersive, high-resolution video and is thus suitable for workspaces that demand extremely precise AF, such as sporting events and concerts. Alongside the new lens, Canon will also release two new focus demand models for AF-equipped lenses used with HD or 4K broadcast cameras.

Canon has also announced a new series of lenses for its EF Cinema Lens lineup – the Flex Zoom Lens series of lenses designed to create cinema-style productions with greater efficiency. Inaugurating the new lens series are two zoom lenses with focal length ranges of 20-50mm for wide-angle and 45-135mm for telephoto. The versatility of these new lenses supports efficient visual production workflows for film, TV programmes, commercials and much more.


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