Monday, May 20, 2024

Cooke Optics’ SP3 Prime Lenses Bring Cinema to Videographers

Cooke Optics  has launched the SP3 range of full-frame prime lenses for mirrorless cameras. Aimed at the pro-video market, the T2.4 range features five focal lengths, a choice of user-changeable mounts and is of small, lightweight yet robust construction.

Tim Pugh, Chief Executive Officer, Cooke Optics, said, “The imaging market has long been viewed as ‘videography’ and ‘cinematography’, with their associated differences particularly evident in budgets and hardware. However, these boundaries are now blurring with vast improvements in the quality of ‘mid-market’ camera performance and consequently the creative optical possibilities and ambitions in this area are widening. This ‘democratization’ means that we can now offer truly cinematic glass to the traditional pro-video market at an accessible price point and with flexibility of camera mounts, enabling more DOP’s to enhance the narrative of their stories.”

The Cooke SP3 full-frame prime lens series is based on the Cooke Speed Panchro, with a new design optimised optically and mechanically for mirrorless cameras. It offers outstanding definition and resolution yet features fall-off towards the edge of frame, which is a key factor in the famous cinematic look achieved by the legendary Speed Panchro lenses together with the trademark dimensionality and contrast performance that renders faces with remarkable skin tone and character, known as ‘The Cooke Look’. The SP3s also feature specialised cinematic optical coatings that ensure control of excessive flare.

The SP3 range offers 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm focal lengths. Lenses come with E-Mount installed, and RF-Mounts will be available soon. L-Mount is available now as an accessory part and M-Mount will be introduced in early 2024. The SP3s are Cooke’s lightest lenses, weighing in at between 500g/1.10lbs and 690g/1.52lbs including lens mount, making them practical for use on lighter weight gimbals as well as drones; their robust construction and mechanics will also withstand the rigours of fast-paced shooting environments. The small, ergonomic form factor delivers cinematic quality shooting even in tight or hard to reach places. They feature a dual focus scale, and the focus and iris mechanics are aligned across the set to allow for fast lens changes while maintaining focus and iris motor positions.


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