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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Creamsource Launches SpaceX Studio Fixture

Creamsource, the company formerly known as Outsight, presented the first public demonstration of Creamsource SpaceX at NAB 2019. This brand new approach to toplighting in an ergonomic and lightweight form factor, coupled with radical value, sets this product apart as the first true replacement for its traditional counterparts.

SpaceX features six powerful LED engines, with 1200W of LED power providing an output the equivalent of a 5K Tungsten spacelight. With an optional optic set, SpaceX’s impressive output is boosted to nearly double intensity, while delivering a wide and very even beam.

SpaceX offers superb colour rendition with a typical CRI of 95 from 3200K to 6500K, and full colour temperature adjustment from 2,200K to 15,000K with a full stop of Green/Magenta control. Its compact, lightweight and ergonomic form factor includes an integrated power supply, a highly efficient and quiet active cooling system, and a Lumen Radio receiver as standard. The SpaceX features the same rugged build quality that users have come to expect from all Creamsource products, and is equally at home as a spacelight or mounted on a stand for additional flexibility. A range of accessories is also available.

“SpaceX is the next step forward for our high end LED studio lighting range, offering exceptional power and controllable colour in a lighter and more nimble unit. The unprecedented value that SpaceX offers is extremely exciting for productions where volume lighting is required while still meeting budgetary requirements. The SpaceX offers an incredible $5.41 per Watt versus a market average of $12.03 per Watt,” said Tama Berkeljon, Chief Executive Officer, Creamsource. “We can’t wait to show off what it can do at NAB 2019.”

Creamsource will also be demonstrating the Micro Color unit at NAB 2019. The LED engine has been specially crafted to provide exceptional white light colour quality, with typical CRI and TLCI values above 95, and it also has green/magenta adjustment and can produce vivid, saturated colours. The Micro Colour features fan-free cooling for silent operation, and is water resistant so it can be used in all weather (IP65 rated). This highly versatile light is small, lightweight, quick to rig and derig, and comes with an attainable price tag starting at $1295 USD.

Creamsource is also increasing its product warranties across the entire product range from two years to five years, noting that its products have a less than one percent return rate – an incredible statistic compared to some typical industry failure rates.

A five-year warranty offers a very attractive proposition for rental houses and longer productions that suffer from losing inventory due to unit failure or maintenance requirements.


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