Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dolly time | Egripment

The Matador Dolly is a lightweight dolly on which both a seat and Egripment’s new Telescopic MiniJib can be attached. The dolly is steerable on both sides and has a high stability. The Matador can be mounted with pneumatic tires, studio wheels as well as skateboard wheels.

This dolly is very useful for recordings in studios but also at outside locations. Whether it is nice and even, or an off-road location, this setup is perfect for beautiful dolly shots without having to use rails.

But also if you vary between ground and track shots a lot this dolly is ideal. The wheels are fixed with one allen-screw allowing you to change the pneumatic wheels to track wheels within a few seconds. Having high quality bearings in the track wheels, the Matador Dolly takes no effort to get it in motion, even while seated two people and a large camera package mounted on top.

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