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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

DoPchoice Softbox Mount Suits Astera’s LeoFresnel

DoPchoice has announced that its family of light control tools is ready for Astera’s new  LeoFresnel. Each LeoFresnel fixture comes with an adapter, allowing instant compatibility with DoPchoice’s Rabbit-Rounder, which mounts the range of Snapbag lighting control solutions.

Rabbit-Rounder is a versatile system designed to mount DoPchoice softboxes across a range of lights. Its rugged and future-proof design expands lighting possibilities by accommodating the rectangular Snapbag Medium, 3-foot Octa 3, and Medium 50mm Lantern. Each product features metallic interior fabric for maximum efficiency. Octas and Rectangulars come with Magic Cloth. For added directional control, Snapgrids can quickly be attached to the front. The line offers a customised, removable Skirt with two zip-up sides for the Lantern to reduce spillage and shape output. All Snapbags can be set up in seconds and quickly folded up into their own pouch.

The Rabbit-Rounder system is designed to fit most popular Bowens-mount type lights, including Nanlux NL-Mount and Qseries Fiilex fixtures. Quick and easy to use, the LeoFresel twist-locks snugly into place on the Rabbit-Rounder to easily slip onto the front of the fixture.


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