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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Dream Chip Speeds Ahead with Super Slow Motion ATOM one SSM500 Camera

Building upon its existing range of powerful mini cameras, Dream Chip has now added the ATOM one SSM500 to its range. A Super Slow Motion camera capable of recording 500fps in full HD resolution (1920×1080), the ATOM one SSM500 is claimed to be the smallest high-speed camera on the market, measuring only 190mm x 60mm x 60mm. This combination of small size and crisp, detailed slow-motion output makes the ATOM one SSM500 perfect for applications in a range of contexts – and particularly that of sports broadcast.

Compatible with both B4-Mount and C-Mount lenses, the ATOM one SSM500 is remarkable for the level of flexibility it provides in both outputs and control. With soon-to-be implemented IP control along with standard RS 485 connection, the camera also uses open protocol so that it remains compatible with a range of remote control options from vendors such as CyanView, Skaarhoj and Antelope.

The intuitive GUI shipped with the ATOM one SSM500 also enables the connection of up to 99 other Dream Chip cameras, allowing for comprehensive but clear control of all the expected image output options; from elements such as framerate and resolution, to memory and recording buffer status, to white balance and exposure. Indeed, the Atom one SSM500 has multi-matrix colour correction to ensure perfect match with other cameras being used for the broadcast – a feature that is unique in cameras of this size and FPS capability.

The workflow associated with the camera is also simple, whilst still providing user flexibility. There are two different operational workflows: the first allows for Super Slow Motion capture through 2, 3 or 4 phase connection to any server, facilitating capture at up to 240fps. Alternatively, a ‘trigger’ mode can be used, giving the ability to capture up to 60 seconds of 500fps footage, which is stored in the internal memory. Switching between modes is easy, and the camera can be setup to start in the preferred workflow setting. This flexibility in application allows for broadcast professionals to make use of the camera in a way that best suits the needs of their existing practices and workflows.

At the size which Dream Chip have achieved, there are currently no other offerings on the market which match the specifications and outputs of the ATOM one SSM500 – making it unique in its ability to capture buttery-smooth, crystal clear slow-motion sports footage from unusual and innovative angles; embedded within the pitch, on goalposts or anywhere close to the action.

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