Thursday, April 25, 2024

FeiyuTech Smartphone Gimbal – Vimble 3

FeiyuTech has announced the new social media-ready smartphone gimbal, the Vimble 3. The new FeiyuTech Vimble 3 provides professional image stabilisation for clean pro video content for social media, influencers, advertisers, and filmmakers, with a greatly improved design for smoother video, including gesture controls, one click intuitive buttons, a lighter portable foldable design, and longer 10 hour battery life for continuous on-the-go content creation. 

Affordably Priced, Three Axis Design Provides Smooth, Professional Tilt, Roll, and Pan Video Shots 

Affordably priced, the Vimble 3’s light-weight three axis design provides smooth, professional tilt, roll, and pan video shots everywhere you go, isolating your movement from the camera for a clean smooth shot, even when you’re shooting video while moving on an uneven surface. The Vimble 3 features gesture controls for quick selfie or group videos and photos with just a flick of the hand; one button switching from landscape to portrait mode for easy TikToks, live streaming, selfies, and group shots; a 198mm long extension rod for selfies and long range shots; an intuitive button lay-out; and compact lighter-weight design that easily folds away into its own velvet carrying bag. Extremely portable, the Vimble 3 only weighs 387g and can easily hold large-screen smartphones weighing up to 250g, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Foldable Design, Includes Extension Rod, Small Tripod, and ¼-inch Threaded Hole for Large Tripods

In addition to the extension rod, the Vimble 3 also includes a small tripod, which is now lighter and stronger with better traction for more stability, perfect for video in rough terrains and slippery conditions. The gimbal also includes a ¼” threaded hole at the bottom for mounting to external devices, such as large tripods. There are two ways to connect the Vimble 3 to the phone: directly via Bluetooth or through the included Feiyu ON app.

With the rapid development of video creation, more people want to share their creative ideas by shooting and recording great video moments. The FeiyuTech Vimble 3’s three axis design stabilises shaky movements so the camera will float through the scene with professional tilt, roll, and pan shots without the need of expensive equipment. With just a smartphone, the Vimble 3 gimbal with image stabilisation, and some editing skill, anyone can produce professional quality videos.

Vimble 3 Features:

  • Gesture Controls: for selfies or group photos.
  • One Button Landscape/Portrait Modes: quickly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • Foldable: can be quickly folded and unfolded.
  • Direct Gimbal Control: through Bluetooth, FeiyuTech ON, or BeautyCam app.
  • Feiyu ON app: controls AI tracking, self-timer, gestures, time-lapse, panorama photos, and more. 
  • Tilting Angle Lock: can be locked to fit any shooting angle needs.
  • Extendable Rod: pulls out for super high or long-distance shooting.
  • Wide-angle Lens View: with slanted arm design.
  • AB Point Trajectory Memory: one button or automatic focus.
  • Flash Follow Mode: for optimal lighting.
  • 360° Angle and First Person View (FPV) Mode.
  • Roll Axis: controlled by dial.
  • Long Battery Life: up to 10 hours.
  • Tripod and Velvet Carrying Bag: included.


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