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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hikvision Makes Webcam debut

China-based Hikvision, the provider of video technology to the security security, has announced the launch into the webcam market with four

different series – Ultra, Pro, Live, and Value – designed for various scenarios and user groups, and with bespoke feature sets.

The Hikvision Ultra series of webcams are specifically designed for remote conferencing. TFeatures include PTZ control capability, which offers 5x optical zoom capabilities and 360 panning.

Hikvision’s new webcam range also includes Pro webcams for remote conferencing. These are suitable for business professionals, offering an immersive sound and video experience, Auto Focus and built-in dual-microphone.

The cube-shaped Hikvision Live series of webcams are  designed for live streaming, eCommerce, and gaming applications. If a product is being presented in a live program, for example, the webcam view can be changed – both horizontally and vertically – thanks to magnetic mountings on all four sides of the casing.

These webcams also offer Sharp Auto Focus, which ensures that images of people and objects are sharp and clear at all times. Importantly, the webcams’ ‘touchable supplemental LED light’ feature enables users to adjust brightness in accordance with the surrounding environment.

The Hikvision Value series is an entry level webcam which comes with a built-in microphone, which incorporates advanced algorithms to reduce noise and improve sound quality. Its wide-angle lens provides maximum coverage, with no image distortion.

All Hikvision webcams are driver-free, offering ‘plug-and-play’ installation via a standard USB interface. This allows users to begin conferencing or streaming in seconds. Hikvision webcams can also be flexibly mounted on users’ equipment, on tables, laptops, monitors, or tripods.

Importantly, Hikvision webcams are equipped with a dedicated PC-based client software, called HIKIN. Users can use this software for video previews, and to configure image and sound parameters.

Notably, the webcams can be used with all the leading third-party conferencing platforms with video parameter configured using a simple drop-down menu.


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