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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Infinity Photo-Optical and Edmund Optics Form an Innovation Alliance

Two of the optical industry’s most innovative companies have joined forces to enter the cinematography and photography market. And they plan to do it with a patented new lens technology unlike any other.

Infinity Photo-Optical – a world leader in scientific imaging and Edmund Optics – have joined forces to form the Nelsonian Alliance to promote the benefits and capabilities of this new optical configuration for which the joint effort is named.

Nelsonian lenses are based on microscope tech. They are unconventional. But, because of that, they provide unconventional results.

For example; Everything stays in focus; things in front and back are made immersive and they can then provide magnifications equal to laboratory microscopes. And that is just the start.

Nelsonian tech will come in two lens lines. The easy-to-use MikroMak prime probes offering focal lengths from 125mm to a unique 40mm with an accessory 25mm Expander.

The TS-160 Robusto is a full pro system with interchangeable components, does everything the MikroMaks do, but to 16x micro, keeping all in focus from two inches (50cm) to infinity.

All this means that cinematographers can create immersive deep depth and then move in close up to 16x – all from the same lens. They can use what amounts to automatic focus-pulling to make tabletop and advertising commercials with ease. In short, the very characteristics of Nelsonian lenses make possible cine and photo perspectives no single lens could do before. Documentaries can now be truly immersive. Deep depth and forced perspective no longer need special planning or sets. And, used on robotic arms, hours of presetting focus points are no longer required.

Both Infinity and Edmund plan on worldwide marketing. Made in the USA, the Nelsonian lenses will open new vistas of creativity.


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