Monday, May 27, 2024

Introducing Pixotope Fly for Creating Augmented Reality with Drones

Pixotope recently announced Pixotope Tracking – Fly Edition (Pixotope Fly), a new camera tracking software solution that simplifies creating and tracking augmented reality elements with drones and cable cameras. The markerless technology eliminates the complex set up and creative constraints imposed by tracking markers, enabling productions and live events to engage audiences with dynamic realtime aerial graphics.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with Pixotope Fly,” says David Dowling, Chief Revenue Officer at Pixotope. “It eliminates the resource-intensive set up required of existing drone tracking technology; it needs no specialist sensor cameras, markers, or proprietary hardware to work and it’s deceptively simple to use. All you need is a drone or cable cam and the software to get started. What would have previously required a helicopter and hollywood blockbuster caliber post production can now be achieved with a single software solution in real time.”

Pixotope Fly has already been put to the test on major national live broadcast coverage of American stock car racing by Pixotope creative partner, Silver Spoon Animation. In one instance, as the Pixotope Fly-calibrated drone pulled away into a wide shot, an animated graphic of the winning driver next to their car surrounded by stunning real-time particle effects was shown to viewers to celebrate the victory. In addition, Silver Spoon delivered a gravity-defying RV stunt jump over the track as an AR advertisement.

“Our client wanted something that viewers had never seen before; but to deliver a first-of-its-kind AR graphics package we needed a first-of-its-kind technology solution,” says Dan Pack, Managing Director at Silver Spoon Animation. “Thanks to its software-based TTL tracking technology, Pixotope Fly enabled us to go beyond what was previously possible in real-time and achieve extraordinary live effects for the client.”

Streamlined Technology Enhances Creativity and Reduces Risk

Pixotope Fly ushers in a new era for virtual production with key benefits such as:

  • Streamlined set up and operation: Marker-based tracking systems require a huge lift in terms of resources and preparation of the filming environment; someone must physically and strategically place markers on the ground. With Pixotope Fly, this process is removed completely thanks to its software-based markerless TTL technology, which reduces time and resource cost needed to get up and running.
  • Untethered creativity: Pixotope Fly enables producers to freely roam through the sky without worrying about losing sight of markers, a common occurrence in live environments thanks to changing light, weather, and other unplanned interferences. Anywhere a drone can be flown, AR can be added. The software does all the work, no sensor camera required.
  • Reduced risk for live productions: Marker-based systems require producers to keep drones within a very precise area. If something obscures the markers on the ground during a live broadcast, the whole illusion falls apart and the tracking capabilities of the drone are gone. With Pixotope Fly, the software is updating its point of reference continually so users aren’t at the mercy of the markers in a hard-to-control environment.

“Beyond the creative and cost benefits, Pixotpe Fly affords users reduced risk of failure during live broadcasts. With no physical markers to speak of, producers don’t need to worry about a catastrophic live tracking failure because a marker became obscured somehow,” concludes Dowling.


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