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Live Cinematic Production Workflows

MultiDyne and Panasonic recently provided a technology demonstration to a prominent church in the Los Angeles area. The church has been a long-time user of Panasonic’s 1/3-inch studio cameras and is considering making the upgrade to the popular VariCam LT.

The LT’s Super 35 sensor will provide the production team with rich natural colors, shallow depth of field and 4K capabilities. The camera system’s I/O and Ethernet based remote control are the perfect match for MultiDyne’s SilverBack V system which effectively make this digital cinema camera into a live production SMPTE studio camera.

SilverBack V Base Station

Panasonic’s Steve Slade, with a remote assist from Barry Russo, walks the customer through the finer points of the VariCam LT’s capabilities and menu system.

The SilverBack V base station supplies remote power and sends and receives all necessary signals including 12G/6G/3G, sync, timecode, Ethernet, tally and intercom.

SilverBack V + VariCam LT

SilverBack V adapters mount directly to the camera and provides the bidirectional connectivity and remote power that is required for a HD or 4K live production system.

MultiDyne’s SilverBack V series of fiber camera adapters bring cinematic live multi-cam production workflows to light. With easy integration to the entertainment industry’s most coveted digital cinema cameras, the SilverBack V will help take your show’s look to the next level and beyond.

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