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Monday, June 17, 2024

Marshall Further Expands IP Workflow Capabilities with Additional Camera Choices

Marshall Electronics continues to develop new cameras designed to improve IP workflows. Marshall released two levels of 4K PTZ cameras within the last year with 30x optical zoom and professional grade sensors: one with up to 4K30 (CV630) resolution and one with up to 4K60 (CV730) resolution. Marshall also recently offered two levels of fixed position cameras with 30x optical zoom and professional grade sensors; one with up to HD60 (CV355-30X) resolution and one with up to UHD60 (CV420-30X).

In looking forward to 2021, Marshall is scheduled to launch a High-Bandwidth NDI PTZ camera (CV730-BHN) late Q3 with up to 4K60 resolution and 30x optical zoom packed with High-Bandwidth NDI, NDI|HX and simultaneous 12GSDI/HDMI2.0 outputs. Also planned for later this year, Marshall has its CV620-BI with 20x optical zoom 3GSDI, HDMI and IP/HEVC/SRT, and the CV620-BN with 20x optical zoom 3GSDI, HDMI and NDI|HX on its product roadmap.

“Marshall was one of the first adopters of the NDI platform, building the technology into our PTZ cameras several years ago and watching the technology progress with greatly improved NDI Tools, lower latency, ease of discovery and the ability to mix different media types into the NDI workflow,” says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras for Marshall Electronics. “Marshall is completely behind the big push in IP cameras with PTZ and fixed position camera options, whether it’s standard IP (HEVC), Haivision SRT or Newtek NDI. We, as a company, have double-downed, triple-downed, even gone ALL-IN on the future of IP in broadcast and proAV.”


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