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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Matthews Multipurpose Grip Rail Telescopic Grid Pipe Solution

Matthews Studio Equipment has introduced Grip Rail, designed to offer a better way to mount equipment on location, in the studio, or on the fly. Multipurpose Grip Rail is a rugged aluminium lightweight telescoping grid pipe system that makes it quicker, easier, and safer to brace and hang cameras, lights, or backdrops, incorporate into a wall spreader, build overhead frames, and much more.

The latest in Matthew’s lineup of gear designed by filmmakers to solve their own grip and rigging issues, Grip Rail is the brainchild of Aaron Hammel. As a motorcycle race mechanic/crew chief and owner of Patriot Camera Cars (known for electric camera cars) he has dual expertise as a Local 80 Operator and in the intricacies of mounting technology. When Hammel needed a better rail-style mounting system that would eliminate wasted time and resources cutting pipe to size in the field, he went to his own machine shop and built it. When others requested his innovation, he partnered with the folks he trusted up the street — Matthews Studio Equipment.

Grip Rail is a no-cutting, worthy alternative to imprecise and bulky pipe organs and other rail systems. Designed to work with off-the-shelf grip hardware including popular grid clamps, Matthellinis, and standard pipe fittings, the system can secure up to 60lbs/27.2kg in the horizontal (when properly supported on two ends) and 120lbs/54.4kg in the vertical position.

At one end, telescoping Grip Rail offers a 360° rotating Junior Receiver giving the user the ability to directly mount lights and adapters. To adjust the system, two grub screws are loosened to telescope the junior receiver end into the desired position. Each Grip Rail comes complete with a Clamp Reducer, a dynamic accessory for adding clamps or fittings along the skinny section of Grip Rail.

Grip Rail is available in two pipe diameters: 1-1/4″ (42mm) and 1-1/2″ (48mm). For easy adjustability, both versions are available in either Small: 2ft-3.5ft/1m or Large: 3.5ft-6ft/2m lengths. For more length, Grip Rails can be coupled together thanks to the new Matthews double-ended Junior Pin.

Check out the Matthews Grip Rail video at


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