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Meet the New Creamsource Vortex8

Creamsource recently launched its new Vortex lighting system with the flagship Vortex8, a 650W high power LED in a 2×1 foot form factor. Built with elegance and durability in mind, the Vortex8 features world-class engineering, combining diverse production methods from precision-machined extrusions and high-strength die casting to leading-edge technopolymer components and aerospace-grade sealing technologies. The result is an IP65-rated water-resistant fixture that has eliminated external power supplies to simplify rigging and cabling. Crafted to produce a narrow beam angle and high light output, its punchiness and colour science enable real-to-life reproduction of skin tones and colours while covering more area with fewer units. With outstanding connectivity and extensive expandable wireless options, Vortex8 ships with LumenRadio built-in and supports Ethernet, Bluetooth, TimoTwo, 5 Pin DMX, Wifi, USB type-A and Creamsource Accessory port.

Watch The High-Octane Vortex8 Launch Reel

“When you need to light large areas, you may have tens to hundreds of fixtures and costs can quickly climb as higher illumination levels or larger coverages are required,” comments Creamsource CEO, Tama Berkeljon. “In terms of dollars per watt, the narrow beam angle of the Vortex8 and the high wattage design is able to cover more area with fewer units. Its narrow source is concentrated with a precision lens array natively providing a 20° beam angle. This yields a blistering 13,900lux at 3m/9ft in 5600K and a dollar per watt ratio of $7.69 per watt making it a high value, extremely versatile lighting system. Its performance value is further enhanced with our unique five-year extended warranty program, adding an incredibly accessible lighting solution to the creative tools of gaffers and cinematographers.”

The Vortex8 panel design effortlessly goes from punchy to soft light, allowing users to bring the fixture closer to the subject without the loss of space. Berkeljon explains, “Point sources are great but they require more room for diffusion, whereas a panel design like Vortex8 is already spread out so you can get it closer to your subject and diffuse it right there and still use it in tight spots where other fixtures would have an overly deep footprint. Conversely, the Vortex8 can be used where more throw is required than a traditional soft source alone could provide, but a panel format is still desirable from a rigging and usability perspective. For instance, where a larger array needs to be constructed, panels are great because the gaps between the units can be quite small, and less diffusion is required to create homogenous but powerful coverage.”

A versatile 2×1 foot RGBW system with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K, the Vortex8 can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a creamy soft light with the Creamsource Dome or DoP Choice Snapbag. For even greater lighting design versatility, the Vortex8 macro-level controls let users manipulate up to eight individual zones. Effects and colour gels are built into the latest CreamOS architecture in addition to a range of new features wrapped into a brand new, intuitive user interface. Rigging of the Vortex8 is accentuated by the novel eight-point attachment system, allowing a multitude of safe and unique rigging configurations. The absence of traditional external antennas in favour of an all-new internal design limits loss or breakage to gaffers and rental houses alike, improving uptime and rental yield.

With the increasing sophistication of digital cinema cameras, the new Vortex8 is the ideal lighting companion for a digital film set where premium performance is key to producing memorable quality images.

Berkeljon concludes, “With a source like The Vortex8 you have access to a wider range of contrast options and you’ll be able to find the contrast and colour range that’s appropriate for the scene. Whether shooting black and white neg, Colour Film or Rec2020, Vortex8 provides the ability to manipulate the scene in new and profound ways, allowing more room for deeply engaging, emotion-aligned storytelling.”

Vortex8 Leaves its Mark on Hollywood

Hollywood’s leading gaffers have been waiting for an LED lighting solution like the Vortex8. Join Greig Fraser, DP (The Batman, The Mandalorian), Mike Ambrose, Gaffer (The Fate of the Furious, Black Panther), Andrew Korner, Gaffer (Top Gun: Maverick, Westworld), Mike Bauman, Gaffer (Birds of Prey, Ford Vs. Ferrari), and Jamie Mills, Gaffer (The Batman, Ready Player One) for the latest instalment of Creamsource Tales. The A-list group discusses applications for Vortex8, how it will fit in with current workflows and what it means for future productions.


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