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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mo-Sys L40 Heavy-Duty Remote Head

Trusted by camera operators, DPs, and Focus Pullers, Mo-Sys’ L40 is the most popular heavy-duty remote head for high-end Hollywood feature films. The L40 utilises incredibly powerful 100Nm motors to deliver high-speed precision movement of payloads up to 40kg, with zero backlash or juddering.

The open L-shaped design of the L40, inspired by a specialised head Mo-Sys developed for the film ‘Gravity’, ensures easy access and uncomplicated loading/unloading of camera rigs.

Key features include:

  • Designed for simple, tech-less operation – no need for a remote head technician.
  • High-speed precision movement of 180 degrees/second with zero delay.
  • Pan and Tilt axis as standard, Roll axis as an optional module.
  • Cycloidal gears ensure zero backlash or juddering under heavy loads and immunity to temperature changes.
  • Back-pan option automatically keeps the camera face parallel to a scene when a jib or crane moves through an arc.
  • Cable management through the drive motor eliminates any need for slip rings or specialist cables.


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