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Monday, July 22, 2024

Mo-Sys to Show Spectacular Realtime Augmented Reality

Mo-Sys Engineering  will expose more of its virtual production technology stack at NAB Show 2022, where this year it is co-exhibiting with APG and Fujifilm on stand C6127.

Mo-Sys, using Fujifilm lenses and a state-of-the-art 1.5mm pixel pitch LED wall from APG, will show the following technology:

LED virtual production – using its VP Pro XR LED content server and StarTracker camera tracking technology, Mo-Sys will show its end-to-end LED production workflow, highlighting the benefits of designing a solution specifically for cinematic and broadcast virtual production. In addition, the team will show the latest multi-camera switching feature for VP Pro XR, along with Cinematic XR Focus for pulling focus between real and virtual elements, managed by a TeradekRT wireless lens controller, as part of a new collaboration between Vitec and Mo-Sys.

Solving real-time VFX graphics quality – NearTime is Mo-Sys’ patent-pending and HPA Engineering award-winning solution for solving real-time VFX virtual production image quality. The solution comprises a cloud-based auto-re-rendering system utilising Smart Green, a method of separating talent from the LED background without introducing copious green spill, when combined deliver higher quality real-time VFX content. NearTime also removes Moiré patterning completely and enables the use of lower cost LED panels to deliver an image quality that’s far closer to post-production compositing.

AR for sports – the new heavy-duty Mo-Sys U50 remote head will be shown with Fujifilm’s latest box lens and will be controlled remotely from the Vitec stand using a Vinten 750i remote head with pan bars. Visitors to the stand will be able to experience the smooth precise motion of the U50 combined with the immediate response of the V750i, providing operators with the best possible experience.

In addition, a new Mo-Sys camera plate for the Vinten 750 head, containing Mo-Sys’ precision encoders for camera and lens tracking, will be shown for the first time. This new camera plate simplifies adding camera tracking capability to a static sports/event camera position for delivering precision blended AR graphics.

Robotics for virtual production – Mo-Sys will also show its new G30 gyro-stabilised head, offering a unique combination of tech-less setup, rapid accelerated movement of the heaviest camera payloads, and a smooth stabilised image. Additionally, Mo-Sys will demonstrate its industry-standard L40 cinematic remote head. Both remote heads can be equipped with encoded outputs for 3-axes.


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