Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ncam AR Suite 2.0 for UE5

Ncam recently announced the release of the Ncam AR Suite and AR Suite Lite 2.0 plugins which features full compatibility with Unreal Engine 5.


  • A new ‘Workflow Wizard’ which replaces the ‘Profile Builder’ for streamlining asset creation and configuration.
  • Support for an easier Composure workflow using Epic’s LiveLinkLens plug-in.
  • Support for the Ncam SDK Lite which is a lightweight method for streaming camera tracking data enabling wireless transmission.
  • Compatibility with the Time Data Monitor for video and data synchronisation without the requirement of time code.

The Lite version is available on the Unreal marketplace now.

To access the full AR Suite installer please contact support@ncam-tech.com.


The AR Suite documentation portal has been updated with all of the latest information.

With more configuration options available than ever before, please familiarise yourself with the various options available.

Visit https://www.ncam-tech.com

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