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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ncam Makes Virtual Production and In-Camera VFX Tracking Accessible Daily

Ncam, creators of real-time camera tracking technology, recently announced new software licensing tiers to increase flexibility, decrease costs and open up in-camera visual effects (ICFVX) to projects of all sizes. With new daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions, the only system that can track both inside and out is now totally customisable to the project for which it is needed.

“Along with real-time engines, camera tracking is the main foundation of virtual production,” says Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “We are lowering the barriers to entry on the tracking side with a new pricing structure where you only pay for what you need, making the best system on the market more affordable to everybody.”

When pricing is not made public, users automatically assume it must be beyond their reach. Now, using Ncam’s new online configurator, they can tick through a checklist of hardware and software combinations that fit their individual needs and get an immediate quote. With new software pricing tiers starting as low as $395 a day, teams will be able to experiment with in-camera effects, live AR and XR, real-time CGI environments and more with the same tech used by the likes of The Weather Channel, Disney and Netflix.

The new tiers offer ultimate flexibility, as users no longer need to pay a perpetual license for something they may only use a few times. For a 10-day shoot, they can purchase exactly what is needed – a week plus three days – keeping budgets streamlined. Teams can also purchase shorter licenses for pick-ups or quick projects, like Anomalyst Studio did for RazerCon 2021’s CEO Keynote. “The biggest advantage of using Ncam is its marker-less tracking solution, which provides flexibility and ease of deployment for any number of camera setups, with little to no restrictions on venue requirements,” says Ben Kee, Creative Director and Founder of Anomalyst Studio. “Along with Ncam’s weekly licenses, we are able to deploy truly personalised real-time camera tracking capabilities for our clients.”

All pricing tiers will include all software updates and tech support at no additional cost, including training tutorials if needed.


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