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Sunday, July 21, 2024

New Firmware for Quasar Science Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow Lights

Quasar Science has announced the release of a new firmware update for its popular Double Rainbow (RR) and Rainbow 2 (R2) RGBX linear LED fixtures. Firmware v0.9a is available for free from It brings new features, including new Advanced Routing modes and the ability for any RR or R2 fixture to be a CRMX Transmitter, as well as improvements to the dimming engine.

The firmware update expands networking options by adding new signal routing options allowing RR and R2 fixtures to bridge a variety of wired and wireless lighting protocols from within the fixture, including ethernet-to-DMX node, Wireless DMX transmitter, or Wireless RX to wired output. Firmware v0.9a introduces the ability for any RR or R2 fixture to route a wired input signal and send it out as Wireless DMX. When using sACN or Art-Net, the input and output universe can be independently assigned. Users can now also assign a universe colour to the wireless status LED to provide a visual reference of which fixtures are linked to which RR-R2’s when in TX mode.

Another new feature is Latest Takes Precedence (LTP) merging, which allows two control devices on the same local network to send Multicast sACN at the same priority. For example, a Lighting Console and Media Server could control different parameters of the same lights simultaneously. The last controller to send a DMX value change is the ‘latest’ controller and takes precedence over that parameter.

Improvements in the firmware update include smoother low end dimming in the 0 – 30% range by optimising the system to take advantage of the full 16-bit pipeline. Other overall system speed improvements include improved Bluetooth response times and faster boot times.

“These advancements in networking and enhanced operational speed for Rainbow fixtures, combined with the recently launched Ossium Ladder, provide an incredibly flexible solution for building highly controllable walls of light,” says Michael Herbert, Head of Products at Quasar Science. “Now, users can create immersive, image-based lighting in more diverse spaces than ever before.”

Firmware v0.9a for Double Rainbow and Rainbow 2 fixtures is available as a free download at the Quasar Science website:


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