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Sunday, July 14, 2024

New Remote Dolly Track System Supports VR/AR and Live Application Versatility

The entire line of Egripment’s Remote Dolly Systems as the G-Track, G-Track Mini and Motorized Slider are dynamic, allowing the dolly base to be manually controlled for direct control by an operator, completely computer-controlled and fully automated for repetitive precision and accuracy.

Featuring innovations that are paramount for live applications as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) studios, the extensive line of Remote Dolly Systems are multi-faceted systems that will greatly benefit a variety of productions.

What’s more, the base can be mounted in a variety of positions, such as on the floor or inverted from the ceiling, and with a straight or curved track. This allows diversity in utilisation and fulfils the production needs that were once only envisioned by users. It also consists of a small base dolly with Egripment’ s already well-known smooth track wheels on a narrow, high-speed steel track with sections available in several different lengths, maximum speeds up to 45km.

Egripment creates products that are forward thinking and have working compatibility with the company’s past, present and future products. The Dolly Track System works with Egripment’s Remote Broadcast line pf products, such as our StarCam Studio System and Egripment’s line of Remote Heads, which can be installed with or without a riser or column. With this complete modular system, users have a very sophisticated multi-axis studio system, suitable for the highest quality VR/AR and studio automation at their control.


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