Monday, March 4, 2024

Panasonic Unveils New Range of PTZ Cameras

Working from home, watching lectures from the bedroom, or any form of hybrid working, learning or teaching are now the new normal for many Australians. Panasonic’s newly released suite of integrated Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras have been designed to meet this change in user demand, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on the final result.

The new PTZ camera lineup consists of five models starting with the AW-HE20 (HD) and AW-UE20 (4K) entry-level models, the 4K AW-UE40 and AW-UE50 in the mid-tier and the 4K AW-UE80 joining Panasonic’s top-of-the-line robotic cameras. Key capabilities include secure and stable video communication, support for the latest video protocols, easy and versatile installation and operation, and compatibility with the Panasonic ecosystem for smooth integration into existing camera systems.

Whether an educator needs to record their lessons, or professionals need to capture a concert or film a theatre production, through to the most advanced virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) studios, there will be a Panasonic PTZ camera suitable for the situation.

The wide 71o (H) lens with 12x optical zoom combined with multiple outputs, 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB & IP, which can all be used simultaneously, make the AW-HE20 (HD) and AW-UE20 (4K) ideal utility PTZ cameras for use within small to medium meeting rooms of between four and 16 people or teaching spaces. Adding Panasonic’s widely used AW protocol and streaming protocols ensures the ability to integrate the cameras with most leading recording devices, software, video conference platforms and room automation systems.

The AW-UE40, AW-UE50 and AW-UE80 build on Panasonic’s more than 60 years of developing professional broadcasting equipment, including manufacturing the world’s most widely used professional PTZ cameras for the last 10 years. It is not just one ‘new’ function or feature that sets the AW-UE40, AW-UE50 and AW-UE80 apart, it is the accumulation of many advancements that make these new PTZ cameras exceptional.

Outstanding 4K image quality is delivered through a best-in-class 1/2.5-inch 4K sensor combined with the best-in-class 4K zoom lens, including optical/optical-electronic image stabilisation. The wide-angle lens increases to over 74o (H) with 24x optical zoom that works flawlessly with i.ZOOM. This results in an effective HD zoom range of 36x, making these cameras perfect for both small and large spaces.

The lens and sensor sit within a compact stylish dome housing incorporating a newly developed proprietary Direct-Drive motor system that delivers the quietest (NC25 or less) movements yet. The added stability minimises blurring, and improvements to positional, speed and dynamic accuracy combine to make the AW-UE40, AW-UE50 and AW-UE80 the perfect solution for preset triggered shots, tracing shots and operated shots.

Mathew Alexander, Product Marketing Manager, Broadcast, Cinema & Professional Video, Panasonic, said: “What’s great about our new PTZ range is that it offers everything. Sometimes you need a range of cameras with varying capabilities to capture different types of shots from multiple angles. The five new models dovetail perfectly into our existing PTZ camera range, offering one of the most complete series available on the market today. With our broad lineup, we ensure that access and control of all your Panasonic professional PTZ cameras remain consistent across all the control hardware and software platforms.

The new PTZ cameras are also packed with protocols, SRT, RTSP and RTMPS streaming. Either built-in or through purchasing a software licence, depending on the model you select, there is high bandwidth HD NDI or NDI/HX available. The AW-UE80 joins our existing AW-UE100 and AW-UE150 cameras with FreeD protocol built-in, making it one of the most straightforward PTZ cameras to integrate into compatible VR, AR, or MR systems.


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