Thursday, May 23, 2024

P+S Technic IMS Adapter for Chrosziel TP7 II projector

The  new TP7 adapter, designed and developed by P+S, is designed for Chrosziel TP7 II lens projector interface in order to use the P+S IMS adapters for several lens mounts, e.g. PL, LPL, FD and more.

The P-TP7 with an interchangeable large universal quick release mount is dedicated for multi-purpose lens testing and comes with a 60 mm diameter LED light source. Its two 3×3” filter holders allow the use of colour filters and to simulate a glass way insert. Two multiport connectors offer electronical data read out for e.g. /i-Data and LDS meta data analysis.

The IMS Interface Adapter – makes all P+S IMS Mount adapter workable on the Chrosziel TP7 II projector.


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