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Sunday, July 14, 2024

P+S TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima Lenses Available

It is a unique set of anamorphic close focus lenses, consisting of the 4 focal lengths 40, 50, 75 and 100mm. The close focus is about 1’6″ to 1’7″, which is stunning for large format anamorphics.

T-stop is from T2.2 to T2.5.

The TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima lenses have a front diameter of 156mm.

The anamorphic elements are placed in the front to achieve the unique anamorphic bokeh, fascinating lens flares, and perfect balance of modern and vintage character.

High contrast and deliberate flares define the lens character.

EVOLUTION 2X: Distinctive Look with new Alexa 35

The EVOLUTION 2X is the modern version of the legendary Kowa anamorphic lenses, matching the originals with modern mechanics. They are the smallest, most compact cine anamorphics with soft contrasts, emotional flares and warm color tones, performing magnificently on S35 – definitely the perfect match to the new Arri Alexa 35.

In combination with the new ARRI Alexa 35 camera, you get a small, compact and lightweight set with a new Super 35 format 4.6K sensor.

IMS Adapter for Chrosziel P-TP7 II Projector

The  new TP7 adapter, developed by P+S TECHNIK, is designed for the Chrosziel P-TP7 II lens projector interface in order to use the P+S IMS adapters for several lens mounts, e.g. PL, LPL, FD and more.

The IMS interface adapter makes all P+S IMS mount adapter workable on the Chrosziel P-TP7 II projector.

Optical Viewfinder for Full Frame

The OPTICA MAGNUS Full Frame Finder is an ergonomically designed optical viewfinder system that offers spherical and anamorphic capabilities.

The finder is compatible for all sensor formats up to RED Monstro 8K (image diam. 46.31mm) and offers interchangeable lens mounts and more.


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