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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Red Bull Media House Relies on Stryme for Multicam Ingest

In 2019, Red Bull Media House approached STRYME with the request for an easy and intuitive solution to record its global sports, news, culture, and lifestyle content, needing more flexibility, more channels, and a time scheduler as a key feature. Red Bull Media House is renowned for the production and licensing of a broad selection of global live broadcast events, compelling and inspirational local storytelling with original short and long-form programming as well as feature films from around the world.

STRYME’s solution was ingeniously simple: Its flagship product, the ultra-slim 2U GENESIX

VideoServer, is the only high-tech server on the market with up to 16 flexible HD-SDI channels and 4K UHD readiness. The easy-to-use failsafe 24/7 system also supports every format and every codec.

STRYME combined the 16 channels with an intelligent web-based time scheduler, enabling Red Bull to record any type of content from anywhere in the world at any time and automatically save it for post-production in the Red Bull’s in-house database.

Functioning as a smart management tool, STRYME’s web-based time scheduler is an intuitive calendar that has taken content recording to the next level. Users simply access it via any conventional web browser.

A quick preview of all 16 recording channels tells them which channels currently record what content, which are immediately free for recording new or live content, which time slots will shortly be available or which recording channel is best suited for a particular type of content. With just a few clicks scheduled recording is narrowed down to precise timing.

Away from the computer? No problem. Behind the scenes, the GENESIX VideoServer provides the time scheduler with a smart web interface. That way, it is available around the clock for recording from anywhere around the world, irrespective of whether a computer or a mobile device – like a tablet or iPad – are used.

Andreas Mikschovsky, Media Systems Engineer at Red Bull Media House, is enthusiastic: “We regularly record live content from all over the world as well as programs at fixed times. Thanks to the time scheduler’s intuitive interface, GENESIX lets us do it almost automatically. Since buying the VideoServer in May 2019, our recording workflows have become so much easier. What’s more, we are able to easily retrieve the content from our database.”

STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski adds: “The GENESIX VideoServer, our flagship product, always comes equipped with the latest technology. The time scheduler is a brand-new feature that turns recording into child’s play. If offers maximum flexibility across 16 channels at the best price-quality ratio. We wanted the best possible solution for Red Bull – it should that really meet their needs, today and tomorrow.”

In the international broadcasting industry, STRYME software solutions have become synonymous with broadcasting, automation and control technology made in Austria. Whether locally in the home market or in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, USA, the United Arab Emirates or Southeast Asia, numerous renowned broadcasters rely on the rock-solid, around-the-clock stability provided by STRYME’s out-of-the box solutions.


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