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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Rotolight App for iOS and Android

Rotolight has revealed its native iOS and Android application for the award-winning AEOS 2 and NEO 3 RGBWW LED lights, delivering ultimate control and market-leading functionality for the Rotolight user community.

With the all new Rotolight app for NEO 3 and AEOS 2, available on both smartphones and tablet, easily adjust kelvin, brightness, HSI, Gels, flash settings and SFX, on up to 20 lights. Featuring a virtual replica of the award winning touchscreen found on the back of the latest generation Rotolights, the app offers familiarity and ease of use for existing customers.

With real-time two-way communication between the app and the lights, all changes are instantly updated with zero latency, so you’re always in control.

Featuring a brand new virtual colour wheel, choose from an endless colour palette including 16.7 million colours and 2,500 of your favourite filters. Create custom presets, effortlessly access key features and recall your favourite settings, right from the palm of your hand. Adjust an all new green/magenta feature, added in a supporting firmware 2.0 release available now for the NEO 3 and AEOS 2.

Controlling your light when mounted inside modifiers has never been easier with the new Rotolight app. Revolutionise your workflow and save time on set, with real-time adjustments from up to 200ft. This makes the app the perfect accompaniment to the new range of Rotolight modifiers, enabling wireless adjustment of Rotolight’s worlds first electronic SmartSoft Box, as well as providing ease of use R90 and R120 parabolic softboxes.

Key Features

  • Real-time two-way adjustment between your Rotolight and app.
  • New Green/Magenta control for bespoke correction for sensor types and personal preferences.
  • Adjust brightness and Kelvin settings from 3000-10,000K.
  • Easily store and recall custom lighting presets.
  • Select from an endless colour palette of 16.7 million colours, complete with a colour wheel and saturation control.
  • Adjust flash settings including power, group, modelling light, and flash duration, along with Kelvin, HSI and gel flash settings.
  • Customise and remote trigger Rotolight’s suite of cinematic lighting effects.
  • Select from 2500 classic lighting gels to enhance your creative possibilities.
  • Wirelessly control diffusion from the Rotolight SmartSoft.
  • Box (sold separately).


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