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Sony and IMAGO Partner to Control Sharpness

Sony and the Technical Committee of IMAGO – the International Federation of Cinematographers, have announced that control of sharpness for X-OCN and RAW materials is now available in the new version 3.5 of the Sony RAW viewer.

RAW Viewer is application software that allows users to view RAW/X-OCN/XAVC/SStP files recorded using the F65/PMW-F55/PMW-F5/NEX-FS700/MPC-3610 (VENICE/CineAltaV) unit or a combination of the unit and the SR-R4/AXS-R5 /AXS-R7 portable memory recorder. Users can view and perform basic colour grading on files transferred to a computer using an SRPC-5/SR-PC4 data transfer unit or files stored on memory cards inserted into an SR-D1/AXS-CR1/SBAC-US30/AXS-AR1 drive unit.

The new capabilities come after a “Request to Manufacturers” survey launched nearly two years ago by the Imago Technical Committee in which access to texture and especially sharpness parameters appeared to many professionals as a real need to master the artistic process.

The sharpness range is -300 to 500, and the default value is 0. For all cinematographers who want to use the F65, F55, F5 and VENICE cameras with high contrast lenses, but avoiding a clinical or overly sharp appearance, as well as for colorists or post-production supervisors, access to this setting is seen as a great improvement for dramaturgy and the ease of special effects.

The ITC also highlighted another new tool from Sony to enhance the creativity on set – the new .ART file system.

According to the ITC, “LUTs are important for displaying the creative intent but with a generally very limited quality used on set in today’s cameras. The .ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) file system offers a serious optimisation to overcome these situations during on set monitoring.

“In general, the ITC wants to give cinematographers and all other artists/technicians every opportunity to control texture-related parameters.

“SDKs in post-production or sharpness parameters for internal codec recordings in the cameras as well as selected parameters of sharpness by RGB channels are the next steps in controlling the entire artistic process.”

Visit https://eu.info.pro.sony/Rewrite-2020-Download-Form-on-set-production-workflows.html and https://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/fr/download/rawviewer

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