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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Steady Rest Gives a Leg up to Matthews Slider

A favourite of camera operators, sound techs and grips alike, Matthews’ Sliders feature solid construction, modular versatility, and ultra-smooth and silent moves. Proprietary oversized roller wheels offer silky motion regardless of load or speed. Add to that, intuitive, two-screw adjustability and do-it-yourself field servicing and you’ve got a trusted set essential since 2014. Now MSE Grip offers Matthews Sliders along with a new accessory – the Steady Rest.

Regardless of size: 29, 35, 45 or 70-inch, Matthews Sliders deliver more than smooth camera movement to virtually any gearhead/fluidhead camera combination. They also add stability in otherwise challenging lock-off positions, like getting the camera over a ledge or windowsill without equipment damage or harming talent below. To extend reach, they provide offset mounting for the included rotating Mitchell swivel base that’s useful for tabletop, car interiors and other situations. Because you never know which way is up in a shot, the flexible Slider may be positioned standard upright or inverted for low-angles or when operating a Lambda head. It can even support more than one carriage (175-lbs/80kg) at a time for A and B camera shots.

To help accommodate weight offsets, Matthews introduces the Steady Rest. It is a double-riser telescoping pole featuring a rugged crutch tip on the bottom and Matthews ⅝-inch Baby Pin on the top for simple attachment. With a 90-lb/40kg load capacity, it’s the ideal way to distribute the weight and prevent sag when supporting a hefty camera rig on the far end of the Slider. The Baby Ball Head adapter makes for easy rigging on the bottom of the Slider. Steady Rest is also useful for Steadicam and other stabilisers because it makes a handy back-saving support between shots.

The Slider package includes Mitchell swivel base, carriage, and 2-inch riser, in addition to leveling legs, extra ⅜-16-inch screws and hardware. The Slider and Steady Rest are available through the company’s worldwide dealer network. For more information visit:

Matthews Slider Features:

  • Four sizes: 29, 35, 45, 70-inch (74cm/89cm/114cm/178cm)
  • Oversized easy to maintain rollers (with a cloth and water)
  • Wheels adjust up/down, in/out with turn of a screw
  • No magnets: Easily adjustable rubber bumper cushion each end
  • No reachover: Dual side controls for friction and lock off break
  • 360° turret with locks that may be offset
  • Dozens of ⅜-16 rigging holes
  • Positive lock at 90°

Matthews Steady Rest features:

  • 28-70-inch (71cm – 178cm) height range
  • ⅝-inch knurled baby stud on top for a sure connection
  • Non-slip crutch tip on bottom
  • All-steel risers
  • V-shaped brass brakes for 3-point strong contact
  • Thick threaded collars secure a solid bite from T-handles and set screws


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