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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Telemetrics’ Automatic Shot Correction Now Compatible with TeleGlide

Telemetrics has announced that the innovative reFrame Automatic Shot Correction feature included with its RCCP platform of control panels with STS Studio software – is now compatible with its TeleGlide camera trolley systems, freeing up the operator to control the camera’s pan/tilt head without worrying about talent moving unexpectedly out of frame while the camera travels along its track.

 For operators using a RCCP control panel, they can move a camera along a track (or operate the Telemetrics OmniGlide Roving Robotic pedestal) with just one hand for pan/tilt motions and feel secure knowing that reFrame is keeping the camera and Telemetrics pan/tilt head locked onto the talent. ReFrame not only ensures that on-screen talent remains in frame despite their moving about or slouching in their seat, but with its artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition algorithms, the software can literally run a production in fully automated mode – switching cameras when pre-defined adjustments are required without human intervention.

 “With full support of reFrame in our OmniGlide rover and TeleGlide trolley systems, operators can now focus on establishing their preferred camera angles and smooth movements while reFrame will follow closely along and keep talent in frame,” said Michael Cuomo, Vice President of Telemetrics. “At Telemetrics we continue to make robotic camera system operation easier and more accurate. That’s where the real value of our products is.”

ReFrame software automatically locks cameras onto the talent and automatically trims the shot… without the operator ever having to touch the controls. This provides a huge advantage for users of automated production systems, as it allows the director to focus on other parts of the production while being assured that the cameras are trimmed, and the talent is framed correctly.

 TeleGlide Tracks Gaining Traction

With more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing ceiling and floor camera track systems, Telemetrics has seen an increase in the deployment of its TeleGlide tracks by customers across the globe. The TeleGlide series includes a number of different models and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of studio spaces and implementations with ultra-smooth motion, quiet operation, and exceptionally high mechanical precision that is well suited for space-limited automated production studios and precise, camera-tracking virtual set systems.

Straight or curved, TeleGlide camera tracks can be installed on walls, floors and ceilings where space is limited; such as in TV broadcasting studios, corporate conference rooms, education, houses of worship and government operations. The TeleGlide track system features floor tracks with smooth transitions between sections and built-in levelling capability. In addition, the TG-4 camera trolley’s unique trapezoidal design eliminates on-air “image wobble.” Due to best in the industry operational accuracy, Telemetrics camera track systems are unique in their seamless compatibility with virtual sets and live AR graphics applications.

The ruggedly built track systems also feature high-resolution velocity and positional encoding for smooth acceleration and deceleration, as well as precise repeatability. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, including virtual sets and augmented reality environments.

Telemetrics’ entire portfolio of camera trolley and track systems include:

TeleGlide (TG-4)

From curved and straight rails to custom designed systems, Telemetrics’ fourth generation TeleGlide family of modular camera rail and flexible track systems offer smooth, vibration-free camera moves that are ultra-quiet, even at high speeds, and ideal for creative on-air moves that differentiate programming. Fully servo controlled, the TG4 delivers accurate preset positioning and repeatable motion.

TeleGlide (TG-4M)

For smaller studios and space limited environments, Telemetric offers the TG-4M, a more compact and cost-effective version of the TG-4 System. It can be installed where space is constrained, such as in broadcasting, conference rooms, education, house of worship and government operations. The TG-4M offers flexible configurations of Straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks, for floor or ceiling mount applications.

Camera Track System (CTS)

Leveraging Telemetrics pan/tilt mechanisms and controllers, the CTS2 Camera Track System provides smooth operating variable speed and accurate servo motor control to support all types of operations. The CTS2 can be mounted upright or inverted, and can be supplied in custom lengths and curved sections to fit any production environment. From broadcast to digital cinematography and medical applications, the lightweight aluminium track system offers preset position storage and motion recall.


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