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Friday, June 14, 2024

Telemetrics Introduces Customisable Control Panel

At the 2019 NAB Show, Telemetrics introduced its next generation Remote Camera Control Panel, the RCCP-2A, which brings user configuration and operator ease of use to a new level. The RCCP-2A takes all the field-proven experience of its predecessor RCCP-1A panel and adds more intelligence and a fully customisable user interface with more features including a series of new TeleKeys that automatically adapt to what the user is doing in real time.

The RCCP-2A’s illuminated dynamic graphical TeleKeys automatically change to show options relevant to the operator’s task at hand, and its fully customisable joysticks, wheels, and knobs make it easier to operate robotic cameras, elevating columns, and OmniGlide roving pedestals. Additionally, six TeleKeys on the top row of the main button panel automatically present user determined commonly used functions related to the current operation. A separate group of Hot TeleKeys provide fast access to favourite camera angles and other system parameters for on-the-fly changes and individualised program settings. The RCCP-2A can also easily store and recall specific projects or individual user preferences as “Profiles” to help manage production workflows and streamline camera control operations.

“We’ve continued to improve the user interface of the RCCP to make it more intuitive for the operator,” said Michael Cuomo, Vice President of Telemetrics. “With the new TeleKeys, everyday functions on the controller are much quicker – instead of having to reach to the touchscreen, those functions are right at the operator’s fingertips.“

While its predecessor RCCP-1A includes a single joystick, the RCCP-2A features two fully configurable joysticks that allow control of the PT heads and camera framing and the camera’s movement along a track system or, if used with the Telemetrics OmniGlide Roving Platform (RRP-1), control its XY plane as well as the camera’s elevation on a pedestal (such as the Telemetrics Televator elevating pedestal). The second joystick also accommodates left- and right-handed operators.

Additionally, the RCCP-2A has also been nominated for a 2019 NAB Product of the Year and TV Technology’s Best of Show awards and is fully backwards compatible with its predecessor, the RCCP-1A, so operators can use new RCCP-2A panel next to an existing RCCP-1A and they will work together seamlessly.

Improved Operational Software

The Telemetrics RCCP-2A Remote Camera Control panel will be shown with new improvements to its reFrameTM Automatic Shot Correction technology – available in the Studio (STS) and Legislative (LGS) versions – for use in TV studios as well as the corporate presentation and A/V market. This facial recognition software not only ensures that on-screen talent remains in frame despite their moving about or slouching in their seat, but can also run a production in fully automated mode – switching cameras when pre-defined adjustments are required without human intervention.

Powerful additional enhancements to the STS Studio software will also be on display at NAB, including  a new Studio View that enables users to work with a 3D display of their studio environment and quickly see the location and orientation of Telemetrics robotics products and set pieces within that space. A 3D model of the user’s studio can be imported into the panel to be processed and integrated with the software in order to make the operator’s job a lot easier. The Studio View also includes ‘Go Zones’ that help to restrict the OmniGlide’s movements and avoid problems, without having to manually touch the rover. Both the STS and LGS software packages also now include a Robotics Status display to show all major robotics parameters – such as pan/tilt angles, elevation height, rotational status, lens information, and OmniGlide positional data – for the currently selected camera, at a glance.


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