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TV Pro Gear Releases New Digital Cinema Flypack

TV Pro Gear (TVPG) recently unveiled its new Digital Cinema Flypack (DCFP) at NAB 2022. Designed for directors and directors of photography who want the digital cinema effect of large sensor cameras with the functionality of traditional studio cameras, the DCFP is built upon the company’s Generation-5 flypack. The system is ideal for 4K/8K recording and streaming of live events, such as concerts, worship services, government initiatives, conferences, sports and eSports, among many other applications.

The Digital Cinema Flypack is available for both rental and purchase and can be equipped with up to eight cameras. The DCFP uses MultiDyne Silverback 4K/UHD fibre camera backs with standard SMPTE/LEMO hybrid fibre cable that feeds camera control units (CCUs) mounted in the flypack. TV Pro Gear’s Digital Cinema Flypack works with any of the digital cinema cameras from ARRI, Sony, Panasonic, RED and Canon.

The MultiDyne CCUs in the flypack connect to remote operation panels, which enable operators to adjust camera exposure, white/black/color balance, and more. Remote camera painting is enabled by the Skaarhoj ROP (Universal Remote Operating Panel). Additionally, the SMPTE/LEMO cables carry power to the cameras, as well as timecode, intercom, return video and uncompressed 4K/8K video to the flypack, where the signal is routed to an 8K ATEM Constellation switcher with 40 inputs, 24 outputs and four mix/effects banks.

Other functions and components featured in the DCFP include up to six 4K or 8K recorders with quality/confidence monitoring, up/down/cross conversion and audio embedding/de-embedding on all switcher inputs, and accurate Waveform and vector monitoring for shaders. A Midas 40-input audio mixer uses Dante to connect to a 32-input Midas digital audio stagebox. Sound is monitored via Genelec nearfield audio monitors/speakers.

The system includes a NewBlue Fusion 4K 12G-SDI title/graphics generator with an unlimited number of channels. Instant replay and slow motion are optional. Internet streaming is handled by a proprietary HEVC encoding and RTMP transmission device. The flypack also features Sennheiser EW500 G4 Wireless Microphone transmitters and receivers. Lectrosonics wireless IFB transmitters and receivers are used for cueing talent. For intercom, customers can specify RTS, Clear-Com or Riedel.

Drawing less than 10 amps, TVPG flypacks can run on any standard power outlet, are auto switchable between 120/V 60Hz and 240V 50Hz, and automatically switch to backup battery in the event of power loss. All TV Pro Gear flypacks are fabricated from aircraft-quality steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre.

“Our competitors use multiple boxes to make up their systems, and these boxes must be connected with dozens of short cables,” says Andrew Maisner, President, TV Pro Gear. “Inevitably, these interconnect cables can be lost, damaged or connected incorrectly, leading to frustrations and delays. With TVPG flypacks, all of the equipment is installed in a single frame, so they are fast to set up, more reliable and quicker to strike.”


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