Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Univision Transforms D.C. Studio Vista with Daylight Control

When you frame talent – a reporter, news anchor, or analyst – in front of a highly recognisable landmark or monument, you immediately add context and credibility to a program. This is particularly true for news reports and political commentary.

Univision’s studio near the U.S. Capitol has the benefit of a great view of both the Capitol building and one of the House Office buildings. But, as you can see in this video, a column within the studio – the blue set piece you see in the middle – divides the view. Keep your eyes on it, and the windows on either side.

The windows initially are covered by a white screen. Look at the amazing change as first one gel and then another is revealed by the automated daylight control system. See how both brightness and the colours within the scene change. The difference is extreme.

With the integration of custom broadcast blinds, Univision transformed an unusable backdrop into a meaningful and visually striking element of its Washington, D.C., studio.

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