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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Wooden Camera Accessories for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

Wooden Camera is introducing a full range of kits and accessories for the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K.

Designed especially to accommodate the new camera, the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Camera Cage features a next-gen design and is available along with a new Top Handle (⅜-16) and LW 15mm Baseplate in every tier of Wooden Camera’s production-ready kits. The kits are available in Base, Advanced, Pro (V-Mount), and Pro (Gold Mount) versions. The Pro tiers feature the new camera-specific Micro Battery Slide Pro for adding micro and full-sized cinema batteries to the rig.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Camera Cage features an updated design which utilises a new C-shaped base for enhanced stability and support. An array of industry-standard ⅜-16 and ¼-20 mounting points can be found along the top and side of the Cage. The Cage also features pass-through slots for improved cable management, engraved markings to indicate the camera’s focal plane, and an offset cold shoe mount. The front of the Cage provides two ⅜-16 mounting points for additional top rod configurations. Wooden Camera also includes a detachable HDMI and USB-C Support Bracket for ensuring secure cable connections.

To maintain a proper optical center, the LW 15mm Baseplate should be used with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Camera Cage. This Baseplate features quality-of-life upgrades, including an improved safety release system for the top ARCA Swiss dovetail. It attaches to the bottom of the Cage and utilises updated directional arrows to indicate the proper direction for loading. Also included are two 15mm LW rod openings at the correct distance from the center of the lens as well as a dual quick-release system via the ARCA Swiss dovetail slot on top and the ARRI-Standard dovetail slot on the bottom.

The Base Kit for this camera features the Cage, Top Handle (⅜-16) and LW 15mm Baseplate. The Top Handle (⅜-16) mounts directly to the top of the Cage via a new and improved captive ⅜-16 bolt-on mechanism with safety pins. Utilised on several of the new products, the mechanism can be tightened with either a flathead screwdriver, 5/32-inch Allen, or 4mm allen key. The Top Handle (⅜-16) features an ergonomic, lightweight metal design as well as ¼-20 and ⅜-16 mounting points throughout.

The Advanced Kit adds an 8-inch Safety Dovetail and a pair of 12-inch 15mm rods. The Pro Kit adds the Micro Battery Slide Pro in either V-Mount or Gold Mount as well as two 15-inch 15mm rods and a 12-inch Safety Dovetail.

Wooden Camera’s new power upgrade for Blackmagic’s camera, the Micro Battery Slide Pro is available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount versions. The durable power plate attaches to a 15mm LW rod system and features a D-Tap at 5.8 amps for accessory power. To avoid users exceeding the set current for accessories, a smart safety feature disables the accessory outputs leaving the camera running normally. Once the current load has been reduced by either removing accessories or reconfiguring, the reset button can be pressed to re-enable accessory power.


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