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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Yealink Launches SmartVision 60 Microsoft Teams Intelligent 360° Camera

Yealink has launched its new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered 360° all-in-one camera, SmartVision 60, to a global audience at Microsoft Ignite, the technology giant’s largest annual event for industry professionals and developers worldwide. The latest next generation product to be released by Yealink, the SmartVision 60 makes hybrid meetings accessible for everyone. Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, the SmartVision 60 is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams and integrates an 10K resolution, 360° camera, two sets of multi-functional microphones, and a state-of-the-art speaker system, to deliver an inclusive and immersive experience for all hybrid meeting participants.

According to new McKinsey survey, 90 percent of organisations will be adopting a hybrid work model in the post-pandemic future of work. In light of this situation, a growing number of companies are considering how to ensure that all attendees can have the same experience in a hybrid meeting, even if they are not onsite. Yealink’s SmartVision 60 solves the problem that remote attendees of hybrid meetings often encounter – not being able to see or hear properly, and generally feeling disconnected from what’s going on. Instead, it ensures no one is left out.

360° 10K Panoramic Camera, No Hidden Attendees

With the 360° coverage and centre-of-the-table perspective, no one in the meeting will be hidden from view. What’s more, the all-new 10K resolution camera delivers stunning images, with more detail than ever before.

Multi-Stream People Feed Feature, Include Everyone Equally

Compatible with Microsoft Teams, the Multi-Stream People Feed feature creates individual video feeds of four in-room active speakers and stitches them together, showing the panoramic view of the room at the same time. The feature enables everyone at the conference table to appear front and centre on the screen crystal-clear. No facial expressions and body language will be ignored again even in a hybrid meeting. Every conversation can be vivid and immersive.

Intelligent Voice Assistant and Transcription

With two sets of multi-functional microphones, the SmartVision 60 covers a 20-foot (6m) audio pickup radius from all angles in medium rooms. In addition to this, it supports AI features including Cortana voice assistant and automatic speech-to-text live transcription, with speakers identified by their names.

The SmartVision 60 is included in the Yealink MVC S60 Microsoft Teams Rooms system for native Teams meeting experience. The MVC S60 bundle video solution includes SmartVision 60 intelligent 360° all-in-one camera, MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus touch panel and WPP30 wireless presentation pod to enable hybrid yet high-quality Microsoft Teams conversations and collaborations. Integrated with leading PC manufacturers, the SmartVision 60 also allows users to choose a mini-PC from Dell or Lenovo for their Microsoft Teams Rooms.


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