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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

10 ViacomCBS and LiveRamp Partner on Data for Advertisers

10 ViacomCBS has announced an Australian-first broadcast partnership with data connectivity platform LiveRamp.

10 ViacomCBS will be the first content producer and provider in Australia to enable robust data collaboration and offer a platform for 10 ViacomCBS advertisers to connect first-party data for insights, activation, measurement, or attribution in a way that prioritises privacy and utility through LiveRamp’s Safe Haven.

Specifically, through LiveRamp Safe Haven, advertisers can confidently leverage best-in-class, privacy-preserving technologies to execute safe, simple, and valuable data collaboration with 10 ViacomCBS in order to gain insights that deepen their customer intelligence.

Sophie Hicks Lloyd, Director of Digital Sales, 10 ViacomCBS, said: “We are thrilled to have LiveRamp on board. The appetite from our clients for addressable, people-based targeting solutions has never been greater, and this is the perfect complement to our premium tech and data stack.”

10 ViacomCBS says it realises this vision by embracing LiveRamp’s authenticated, people-based approach, making every consumer interaction relevant, addressable, and measurable.

Advertisers will be able to make use of their own first-party data to reach customers across web, mobile and connected TV through 10 Play, ViacomCBS’ broadcast video on-demand (BVOD) digital platform.

10 ViacomCBS will also integrate with LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), cementing the network’s ongoing commitment to investing in premium technology and data offerings. ATS will allow 10 ViacomCBS to offer advertisers a more efficient and engaging way to reach their customers and measure campaign outcomes without relying on third-party cookies or device identifiers.

Hicks Lloyd added: “The list of clients and agencies wanting to see us partner with LiveRamp is growing every day. Better still, the desire for clients to use their own data to inform media buying and measurement has never been stronger.

“I am proud that we are partnering with a platform which will give equal capability to large and small clients with varying levels of data readiness. We can’t wait to unlock greater insights for them.”

Josh Slighting, Head of Data and Digital Audience, 10 ViacomCBS, said: “Our partnership with LiveRamp addresses really material considerations for the market. Data collaboration is often restricted by the tools you use, and that typically is attached to incremental, unplanned cost. We don’t believe these barriers should exist for clients, nor do we feel that accessing this type of capability should be restricted to the enterprise end of town with complex tech stacks.

“This is not just about audience targeting and suppression. This is about unlocking greater insights and measurement for our clients, helping to deepen the understanding of our audience and how your investment is delivering a measurable result to your business. For us, there are no shortcuts when it comes to data connectivity, security, and privacy. We know this is hard, and so it should be. We’ve chosen a partner with the appropriate experience and credentials both locally and globally to support this critical function for us.”

“Data is transforming the customer experience globally, and 10 ViacomCBS is pioneering this transformation in Australia,” said Deb O’Sullivan, Vice President of Enterprise Sales, ANZ at LiveRamp. “Brands are focused on becoming more customer centric while respecting consumer privacy. Achieving this balance is no small feat, even for the largest advertisers. 10 ViacomCBS understands this and is a leader in offering brands a better way to safely and securely understand their audiences and deliver better experiences. We are thrilled to partner with them and pioneer new ways to collaborate with advertisers while prioritising consumer transparency.”

The complete partnership rollout involves three stages that deliver incremental value and result in enhanced customer experiences and improved ROAS to 10 ViacomCBS advertisers, including:

  • Data collaboration that enables advertisers to better understand their audiences through custom insights and overlap analysis and broaden reach through lookalike modelling.
  • Campaign activation on premium 10 ViacomCBS inventory directly through LiveRamp.
  • Advertiser access to authenticated inventory across 10 Play through direct, private marketplace, and open exchange buys.

Stage one (Safe Haven) has commenced with several beta clients, targeting October 2021 for general availability and wider market adoption.

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