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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

50 Years Since EMIslot Antenna Introduced

The Alan Dick Broadcast UHF Broadband EMISlot Antenna was initially released 50 years ago in 1972 when Black and White still pictures and TV were dominant. The EMISlot was the predecessor to today’s H90 and H72 Broadband UHF Panels.

The H90 antenna was designed (optimised) for an Omni (directional) Horizontal Pattern (HRP) with four panels on a square structure. The antenna is broadband over the UHF band 470 – 860MHz and is ideal for carrying several high-power digital or analogue channels.

The H72 was the first 5-around UHF panel ever produced. It’s a versatile UHF panel. It deals with large cross-sections, multi-panel, and wrap-around arrays and includes a high-power broadband system design.

The design supports multi-channel digital and analogue TV broadcasts. Its high power and voltage rating with total UHF TV bandwidth make it ideal for custom and conventional antennas.

In recent years ADBL has introduced EPOL and CPOL versions of both the H90 and H72 UHF panels. The E90U and E72U have the same robust engineering (ISO-9000) design standards and performance characteristics required for the H90 and H72 UHF panels. Except for Antarctica, the largest global network operators have used these for nearly 50 years.

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