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Monday, June 17, 2024

Accedo Announces OTT Live Event Management Service

Accedo, the video experience pioneer has launched its latest service offering. Supporting live streaming events at scale, Accedo Live Events is designed to help customers deliver reliable and scalable coverage of live events. Technology agnostic, it can be used with any OTT technology platform.

The live event industry has been heavily impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Cancelled and delayed events have started to give way to events with minimal in-person presence and virtual remote audiences. At the same time, consumer appetite for live experiences continues to grow. As a result, the ability to stream high quality live events at scale is more important than ever.

Accedo Live Events enables customers to provide live event experiences to viewers across multiple platforms, from coverage of large scale sports and arts events to live streaming of fitness classes or public events. Accedo has extensive experience in this field, providing real-time support to its customers streaming live events in a broadcast critical environment. Accedo’s experience ranges from supporting major music festivals to large scale sporting events with millions of concurrent viewers.

Prior to a live event, Accedo’s team of experts will evaluate and test infrastructure components to identify potential bottlenecks and advise on optimisations required and monitoring solutions to detect problems. During the event, Accedo will use proactive monitoring solutions to identify and address potential service risks. Accedo can also assist with remediation services and our multi-vendor management system consolidates communications into one streamlined platform to ensure potential issues are handled efficiently.

Steven Kopec, Head of Service Management, Accedo, commented: “The lack of in-person attendance at live events has led to many new events being streamed live. This can present both challenges and complexities, ranging from infrastructure limitations to issues with consumer devices not supporting the quality of stream provided. Accedo Live Events is designed to reduce the risk of problems occurring during live event streaming by using a combination of pre-event planning and continuous monitoring to identify and address any potential issues before they are apparent to viewers.”


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