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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ai-Media Adds Dynamic Captioning as LEXI Preferred Partner

Ai-Media is excited to announce a new three-year partnership with Dynamic Captioning, a well-established global captioning provider. By becoming a LEXI Preferred Partner, Dynamic Captioning is now uniquely positioned to sell, bundle, and deploy Ai-Media’s world-leading automated captioning solution, LEXI.

The partnership comes after Dynamic Captioning required a more expansive LEXI reseller agreement to meet the increasing market demand for automatic captions. As the world’s leading automatic caption solution, LEXI leverages the power of AI to deliver results rivalling human captions at a fraction of the cost.

Dynamic Captioning’s LEXI customers will be able to build an end-to-end captioning solution thanks to Ai-Media’s caption delivery technology and infrastructure. LEXI captions seamlessly integrate with Ai-Media’s range of caption encoders and are delivered to screens via the iCap Cloud Network – the largest and most reliable caption delivery network in the world.

Trusted by major broadcasters and organisations worldwide, Ai-Media’s end-to-end caption technology and infrastructure helps ensure simplified production workflows and reliable, low-latency subtitle display, while reducing operational costs.

Commenting on the partnership, Ai-Media’s Founder and CEO, Tony Abrahams, said: “We are seeing a significant shift in the capabilities surrounding AI which continues to positively influence consumer perceptions of automatic captioning. Partnering with Dynamic Captioning is a positive step for the LEXI growth story as we work together to meet the needs of customers and the broader market in delivering the most secure, lowest latency, highest quality automatic captions in the market today.

Dynamic Captioning’s Vice President and General Manager, Brenda Clark, said:

“As a strategic technology partner since 2012, Dynamic Captioning highly values this new and natural expansion of our longstanding and well-seasoned working relationship with Ai-Media. Dynamic Captioning is thrilled to partner once again with Ai-Media in the emergence of state-of-the-industry captioning technologies in the ASR realm. The LEXI service is a great addition to our robust, human created, Live and Offline captioning product lines.”


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