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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Amagi and Nevion Simplify Pop-Up Channel Creation

Amagi, the provider of cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV (CTV), has announced a partnership with Nevion, a Sony Group company and provider of virtualised media production solutions, to enable broadcasters to be more flexible, swift, and cost-effective in creating and delivering live content to their viewers, especially premium, high-quality, and time-limited events like sports.

The combined solution allows production teams, wherever they are located, to spin up and tear-down pop-up channels in the cloud and use them seamlessly in combination with their ground production — overcoming the latency issues typically associated with such hybrid workflows.

This Amagi-Nevion partnership brings together the cloud-based master control room (MCR) functionality of Amagi CLOUDPORT and the orchestration capabilities of Nevion VideoIPath. It makes it easy for production teams to integrate cloud-based MCR capabilities into ground-based production workflows without relying on technical specialists.

Amagi CLOUDPORT’s newest support for VSF TR-07 (JPEG XS over TS) enables high-quality, ultra-low latency video transportation between the ground and the cloud as if they were in the same truck or facility — a key requirement for premium live production and a superior end-viewer experience. The integration with VideoIPath, a key component of Sony’s Networked Live offering, further simplifies the workflow (including connectivity) for production and master control operators, who can now seamlessly synchronise on-screen graphics, digital video effects, and commercial breaks with minimal retraining effort. By putting the production team in control of hybrid workflows, the solution optimises operational efficiency and significantly reduces costs.

“This combined capability, which has already been deployed at a major U.S. broadcaster, marks a significant milestone in the industry’s evolution, showcasing how our technology empowers broadcasters to achieve unparalleled efficiency and agility,” said Jan Helgesen, Head of Product and Solutions at Nevion. “With Amagi CLOUDPORT and Nevion’s VideoIPath, customers looking to create hybrid cloud workflows can achieve spin-up, spin-down automation, enabling a single producer to manage production control on premise plus master control and ad insertion via a browser. Nevion is proud to join forces with Amagi, bringing our seamless connectivity, configurations, and resource management capabilities to enable this technological and workflow-transforming leap.”

“Amagi’s collaboration with Nevion signifies partnership for progress in broadcast technology,” said Srinivasan KA, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Amagi. “By combining capabilities of Amagi CLOUDPORT with Nevion’s VideoIPath, broadcasters now have an advanced solution to elevate hybrid-cloud broadcast workflows, aiming to set a new standard of operational efficiency in the industry.”

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